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The Mouse and the Motorcycle:

By Beverly Cleary By Jonna The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Who is Ralph?:

Who is Ralph? Ralph is a mouse that lives in room 215. There is a hole in the wall and he is not the only one living there. His family lives with him and his friends live with him there are lots of mice in that wall.

Who is Keith?:

Who is Keith? Keith is a kid who lives in room 215. And he has lots of toy cars sitting on his bed. There is a motorcycle, and fire trucks. But he dose not know he’s being watched.

What the story’s about:

What the story’s about The story is about Ralph liking little kids because they leave little crumbs of food And big kids don’t. Ralph snuck in Keith’s room and got on the toy motorcycle but the engine wont turn on. So he was moving his feet back and forth and he went so fast he fell of the edge and in the trash can and he couldn't get out.

The End!!!!:

The End!!!!

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