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Author : dav pilkey By : Keith:

Author : dav pilkey By : Keith Captain Underpants And The Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants Harold and George are the Main people

This is caption under pants:

Caption under pants was a mean principle until George and Harold bought the 3-D hypo ring then they used it to hypnotize Mr. Krupp but they told him to be caption under pants then they got attacked by a U.F.O they went into it and found super power juice so George gave him some super juice then he got super powers and now he has amazing strength and he can fly and the only way he can turn back into Mr. Krupp is if you dump water on his head and if you snap your fingers he turns back into caption under pants This is caption under pants

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In the story the everybody has a silly name just ask their president the honorable Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr. or his wife stinky what your silly name is. There are a lot like Jiggles T chunkyskunks or Tipper Q zipperdripper or Ivana goda de Barfroom and professor pippy p. poopypants. professor pippy p. poopypants makes stuff like the shinky-pig 2000 and the Goosy-grow 4000.

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Last year Jerome Horwitz Elementary school was having its big annual field trip to piqua pizza palace they were lining up to get on the bus then George said lets change the letters on the school sign then they ran over there and changed it to please don’t fart in a diaper but Mr. Krupp caught them red handed so while they were going to get pizza and Harold and George have to clean the teachers lounge but they said they are going to make it fun so they taped the sprayer nozzle so it would spray them next they put powdered paste on the ends of the blades then they filled the refrigerator with worm shaped Styrofoam packing pellets.

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About a hour later the buses returned to the school and all of the teachers came in the room and they were teasing them but they got tired of teasing them so they went into the teachers lounge and when they came out they were a mess and they looked like evil snowmen heading toward them.

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