The Reality Bug

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The reality Bug:

The reality Bug By D.J. Machale

Bobby Pendragon:

Bobby Pendragon Bobby is a 15 year old boy. He has a girlfriend named Courtney and a best friend named Mark. He went to the city of Veelox to try and stop Saint Dane .


AJA Aja is a girl that works on Veelox. She told Bobby that Saint Dane was on the planet. She works on control panels. She walks around in a space suit.

Saint Dane:

Saint Dane Saint Dane is a ghost that can transform into any object. He tries to destroy Halla.


Halla Halla is every territory, every thing, and every body. Halla on earth is the Universe.


Quigs Quigs are like big dinosaurs with big teeth. They weigh about 4ooo pounds. They are meat eaters.


Veelox Veelox is a high tech planet. There are a lot of computers. The only bad thing is that it is deserted.

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