The BFG!!!

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The BFG!!!:

The BFG!!! By: Roald Dahl Project by: Ava


Characters!!! The Characters are The BFG Sophie! Sophie and the BFG are the two MAIN Characters!


Sophie!!! Sophie is a five year old girl who used to live in a orphanage but then the BFG toke her!!! She loves the BFG with all her heart!!! This is what I think Sophie looks like!!

The BFG:

The BFG The BFG is the only giant in Giant Country who doesn’t eat people!! He scooped up Sophie one night and he felted sooo blessed!!! This is what I think the BFG looks like but he has big ears!!!


Setting The setting is in the Giant Country. It is surrounded by a plain! The Giant Country is in the Mountains!!!

The BFG and Sophie!!!:

The BFG and Sophie!!! The BFG and Sophie are really close!!!! The Love each other!!!

The Witching Hour:

The Witching Hour This Chapter is about when Sophie spots the BFG!!!


Who? In this chapter it is about she is wondering who it is!!

The Snatch!!:

The Snatch!! The Snatch is about the BFG scooping Sophie!!!

The Cave!!:

The Cave!! This chapter is about where the BFG lives!!!

The BFG!!!:

The BFG!!! This chapter is interduceing The BFG!!

The Giants:

The Giants This chapter is about all the Giants!

The Marvelous Ears!!:

The Marvelous Ears!! This is about the BFG having the biggest ears!! That is how he found Sophie!!!


Snozzcumber !!! Snozzcumber is a fruit that the giants eat!!

The Bloodbottler!!!:

The Bloodbottler !!! The Bloodbottler is a giant!!!

Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers!!!:

Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers !!! The Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers are Giants to!!!

Journey to Dream Country!!:

Journey to Dream Country!! The journey to Dream Country is what the title is!!!!


Dream-Catching This is about The BFG catching dreams!!!

A Trogglehumper for the Fleshumpeater:

A Trogglehumper for the Fleshumpeater The Trogglehumper is a giant same as Fleshhumpeater !!


Dreams!! This is about all the dreams he can make!!!

The Great Plan!!!:

The Great Plan!!! The great plan is the plan that they are planning on Queen Elizabeth!!!

Mixing the Dream:

Mixing the Dream This chapter is about the BFG mixing the dream for Queen Elizabeth.

Journey to London!!!:

Journey to London!!! This chapter is about there journey to London. They had a lot of struggles!!

The Palace!!!:

The Palace!!! This chapter is about how big the Palace is!!!!

The Queen!!!:

The Queen!!! This is about the Queen!


Summary!!! The summary of the BFG is a giant who thought eating humans was horrible! Then, he saw Sophie looking out the window! He scooped her up! The are best friends!! He is like Sophie’s parent!!!!

The Author!!!:

The Author!!! The author Roald Dahl is a BIG child author!! He is known to a lot of books!!! He is my favorite author!!!!

The END!!!!!:

The END!!!!! Thank you for watching!!! The chapters listed are not all them but when they are finished I will rewrite a PowerPoint for all the chapters that looks a lot similar to this PowerPoint!!

The END!!!!!!!:

The END!!!!!!!

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