Paddle to the Sea

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Paddle-To-The-Sea Author: Holling C. Holling By: Jamin

 Paddle-to-the-Sea :

 Paddle-to-the-Sea  Well there is a boy who is French Canadian, and he makes a little canoe with a wooden person on it. His destiny is to make it to the sea. His name is Paddle. Paddle goes through a lot of adventures.

 First :

 First  Well, Paddle starts off on a snowy hill. Then, the snow starts to melt. Then, slowly the snow starts to melt away.

 Middle:

 Middle  In the middle of the book Paddle starts to run into trouble. Like when he is just riding in his canoe and all the sudden a giant log knocks him upside down. After he gets knocked over he sum how ends up on top of the log.


Last Last Paddle eventually ends up visiting all the great lakes and making it to the sea.

 Credits :

 Credits 

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