Black Water

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Black Water:

Black Water By: Brenden

Bobby Pendragon:

Bobby Pendragon Bobby is a 15 year old boy who is the lead Traveler. He has a girlfriend named Courtney and his best friend named Mark. When he became a Traveler his family disappeared.


Boon Boon is an acolyte. In Eelong he helps Bobby get around without getting eaten by klees and tangs. Boon is a klee but he doesn’t kill Bobby because he is an acolyte.


Kasha Kasha is a klee and she is the Traveler from Eelong . She hates tangs and she saves other klees from them. She is very brave.

Tangs :

Tangs Tangs are very much like dinosaurs. They eat klees and sometimes other tangs. They tried to eat Bobby when he came to Eelong . Not a very nice welcome.


Klees Klees are big jungle cats. They are the people on Eelong as their are humans on Earth.

Saint Dane:

Saint Dane Saint Dane is the criminal who is trying to push all the territories in to chaos. He can change his shape so the good travelers will not see him.


Mission The mission is to stop the evil Saint Dane and let the territories fall in to peace.

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