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I love this presentation for my 6th graders! May I have a copy, if possible?

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Context Clues By:Paul

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Pizza is very popular in America. It is also popular all around the world. Each country has its own favorite toppings. In Japan, customary toppings include squid and sweet corn. A popular topping in Costa Rica is coconut. Pakistanis top their pizzas with curry, a golden blend of spices. Chefs from all around share their love of pizza each year in Italy. There, they compete in the World Pizza Championship. To win, the chefs must know how to make great-tasting pizzas. They are also judged on speed and style. In the paragraph, the word chefs means? children customary strangers cooks

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Martha was wearing a new outfit. It was cold, and it was a winter outfit. She wore very dark clothes. She had on a black pair of gloves, a grey sweater, and black jeans. She also wore a dark shawl , over her sweater and neck. It may have not been colorful, but it looked warm. When the wind picked up, I wished I had a shawl too. Which word from the paragraph helps the reader know what shawl means? pair clothes she had

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A decision needed to be made quickly. Kate hated making hasty decisions. She liked to think through all of her choices before deciding the next course of action. Which word from the passage helps the reader know what hasty means? choices hated think quickly

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