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Super Fudge : 

Super Fudge Story By: Judy Blume PROJECT BY: Cheyanne

Characters : 

Characters Fudge Peter Tootsie Mom Dad

What The Book Is About : 

What The Book Is About The book is about a boy named Peter that has a brother named Fudge and his mom is going to have another baby. But he says he doesn't want another baby brother or sister, because he thinks that if his mom has another baby then it will act like Fudge!

Fudge : 

Fudge Fudge is the younger brother of Peter. Fudge likes to play hide-and-go-seek a lot. Fudge is the most annoying person in his house.

Peter : 

Peter Peter is the oldest kid in the house. Peter is pretty nice but to him when Fudge is around he is not to happy. Peter also doesn't want to have any more brothers and he doesn't want a sister.

Tootsie : 

Tootsie Tootsie is the youngest because she was just born. Tootsie keeps her mom and dad up all night because she cry's a lot.

Mom : 

Mom The Mom just had Tootsie and Tootsie also keeps her up all night. Their mom doesn't have a job.

Dad : 

Dad The dad works at the juicy-o-company. The same with the dad he gets kept up all night to.

What Every One Thinks About The Baby : 

What Every One Thinks About The Baby The mom and dad are happy about the baby. But Peter is not so happy about because he doesn't want to have another Fudge in the house. In the beginning Fudge is happy but towards the end he's not happy because of the attention that she gets and he doesn't get.

Why They Move To Princeton : 

Why They Move To Princeton They move to Princeton because The dad wants to have a whole year off for break.

Why I Made This Project : 

Why I Made This Project I made this project to show what the storys like and who the characters are. I like this book and if you didn't read it yet I think you should. : To learn more go to

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!!!!!THE END!!!!!

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