Dumb Clucks

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Dumb Clucks : 

Dumb Clucks By R.L. Stine

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A boy named Bernie Bridges goes to this school called Rotten School. He lives in a door room with his friends. Their nicknames are Beast, Nosebleed, and Billy the Brain.

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Nosebleed Whenever he does something his nosebleeds. He is scared of almost anything.

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Billy the Brain They say Billy the Brain is the smartest kid in school. His homework is only two weeks late and he has a solid C+.

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Beast Beast is scary funny and if you mess with him you will wish you hadn't.

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Bernie Bridges is a kid who tries to sell his favorite TV show Teenage Ninja Tadpoles and is about to be shocked and thinks he is a businessman .

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The headmaster Upchuck said if you don’t get enough money for parents day for the food and drinks, he will have to leave the school for good and started dancing.

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At first he thought he could sell tadpoles shirts. It worked for a little bit but then they all started to like this show called Stupid Chicken with his sidekick Little Stupid Chicken. So then he tried to trick people that his eggs will be stupid chicken but it failed because Beast broke the egg and started an egg fight.

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Then he thought if he sold the t-shirts for Stupid Chicken he would get money since it was the most popular show on tv.

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