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HolesAuthor: Louis Sachar : 

By:Hayli HolesAuthor: Louis Sachar

The Author : 

This is Louis Sachar. He is the man who made the book Holes and a lot more books. This is a picture of Louis Sachar. The Author

The Characters : 

Stanley (Caveman) Zero Armpit Zigzag Magnet X-Ray Mr. Sir The Warden Mr.Pendanski Squid The Warden Kissing Kate Barlow The Characters

Holes : 

They have to dig a hole each day. They have to be 5 feet wide , 5 feet deep. Holes

Going to Camp Green Lake : 

Stanley was the only one on the bus to Camp Green Lake. Then when he got there he saw that there were a lot of boys. The camp was just for bad boys. Going to Camp Green Lake

The Tents : 

There were tents A, B, C, D, E, and F. Stanley and Zero were assigned to tent D. The workers were in tent F. The Tents

About Zero : 

Zero went to Camp Green Lake for stealing sneakers, when he stole and ran and dropped them on Stanley. About Zero

About Stanley : 

While Stanley was going to Camp Green Lake his dad was trying to make an invention. The invention that he tried to make was to recycle old sneakers. About Stanley

The Warden : 

The warden is a girl. Everyone thought she was a boy. But it was a girl. The Warden

Mr.Sir : 

Mr. Sir is the is the on who assigned to the tents. Sometimes Mr. Pendanski and Mr. Sir have the same job. Like he will drive the truck for one day and then Mr. Pendanski will do it. Mr.Sir

Mr. Pendanski : 

Mr. Pendanski Mr. Pendanski is the guy who drives the truck. He drives the truck to see if the boys are digging their holes. Sometimes he fills the boys canteens. Same with Mr. Sir.

The End : 

The End

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