Ramona the Brave

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Ramona the Brave : 

By: Rachael Author: Beverly Cleary Ramona the Brave

The main characters are… : 

Ramona Beezus Howe Ramona's Dad Ramona’s Mom The main characters are…

Ramona : 

I think of Ramona as a six year old that is a total Daddy’s girl. Ramona

Beezus : 

I think of Beezus as a very mean sister cause she teases Ramona a lot. Beezus

Howe : 

I think of Howe as a good friend to Ramona. Except for when they went back to school, Ramona tried to tell the class that she had a hole in her house but they did not believe her. Howe

Ramona's Dad : 

I think of Ramona’s Dad as a very characteristic person/Dad. Ramona's Dad

Ramona’s Mother : 

I think of Ramona’s Mother as a very sneaky mom. Ramona’s Mother has a secret and she has not told Ramona and Beaus yet. Ramona’s Mother

The End : 

To learn more about Ramona and her adventure’s go to www.BeverlyCleary.com The End

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