There`s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom

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There`s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom : 

There`s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom Author by: Louis Sachar. Creator of this power point is: Jayda.

The Main Characters are… : 

The Main Characters are… Bradley Chalkers Jeff Fishkin Mrs.Chalkers Mr.Chalkers Colleen Verigold Lori Melinda and Carla Davis, the school counselor.

The Setting is… : 

The Setting is… Bradley`s House Colleen`s house School Girls` bathroom Recess and Lunch

Here is what the book is about… : 

Here is what the book is about… This book is about a boy named Bradley Chalkers. Bradley is a boy who always sits in the last seat, last row. No one likes him but Jeff Fishkin. Jeff Fishkin is a boy who actually likes Bradley, until they become enemies. When Jeff and Bradley break up as friends, Jeff gets 8 friends, Bradley has none.

All about Bradley Chalkers : 

All about Bradley Chalkers Bradley Chalkers is a boy who always sits in the last seat, last row. He doesn`t have any friends, but his one friend is Jeff Fishkin. He doesn`t have any sports, and he doesn`t know how to be at a birthday party. He hasn`t been to a birthday party in a long time, which he got thrown out of that birthday. At Colleen`s birthday party, there were 3 legged races, and a whole bunch of other games. Bradley got first place. After all the games, there was cake. He liked everyone, everyone liked him.

All about Jeff Fishkin : 

All about Jeff Fishkin Jeff Fishkin is a boy who is, and still is friends with Bradley. Jeff has 8 other friends, but their not Jeff`s best friends. Jeff`s best friend is Bradley. Jeff sits 2nd to last seat, last row. Jeff sometimes saw the counselor for help. She gave really good advice to Bradley, Jeff and Colleen.

All about Mrs.Chalkers : 

All about Mrs.Chalkers Mrs.Chalkers is the mother of Bradley Chalkers. She has a husband, Mr. Chalkers, a daughter, Claudia Chalkers and a son, Bradley Chalkers. Mrs. Chalkers helped Bradley with his math homework. I thought it was pretty hard to!

All about Mr.Chalkers : 

All about Mr.Chalkers Mr. Chalkers is a man who has a wife. He has one son, one daughter and one wife. The sons name is Bradley Chalkers, the daughters name is Claudia Chalkers and the wife's name is Mrs.Chalkers. In the book they didn`t say what Mr. and Mrs. Chalkers names really are. So, it`s really hard to say their names because I don`t even know them!

All about Colleen Verigold : 

All about Colleen Verigold Colleen Verigold is the girl who had the birthday party. She had a three-legged race, one foot race, both foot race, backward race, and the somersault race. It looked like a lot of fun! After they finished the games, they had cake. Then after the cake was presents. Colleen had a LOT of presents that day!

All about Lori : 

All about Lori Lori is one of the 3 girls from Bradley`s school. I also didn`t say in the book what Lori`s last name is. There`s not a lot to tell about Lori… But Bradley calls Lori, Lori Loudmouth!

All about Melinda : 

All about Melinda Melinda is not a shy girl! Melinda gave Bradley and Jeff both black eyes! You can tell that she is really not shy! Again, the book didn`t say what Melinda`s last name was. Melinda was at Colleen`s Birthday party. But everyone got along!

Thank you for watching! : 

Thank you for watching!

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