A Lion To Guard Us By: Sierra

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A Lion To Guard Us : 

A Lion To Guard Us Author Clyde Robert Bulla By Sierra

The Sailor Man : 

The Sailor Man This chapter is about a sailor man who is looking for a girl named Amanda to say that her dad was ok. He was really muddy and was really old.

A Story : 

A Story Everyone in the house was eating. After they were done, Amanda did the dishes. Jemmy and Meg were Amanda's brother and sister. They were not old enough to work in the kitchen . So they stayed on the basement stairs.

Dr. Crider : 

Dr. Crider Mistress Trippett surprised the cooks in the kitchen with a surprise inspection. She only cane down stairs once a week .

Time And Work : 

Time And Work Mistress Trippett said, “It’s a sad thing , but time and work will help you forget. Time and work, Amanda”. “Yes, ma’ am,” said Amanda. Sometimes Amanda stays up at night thinking time and work, time and work.

The House On Philpot Lane : 

The House On Philpot Lane Amanda went straight to the big brick house on Philpot Lane. No one answered her knock. She tried the door and it opened.

The end : 

The end I like this book because it is all about adventure and having fun because they learn how to have fun. Happy Halloween!!!!!

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