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Meet us Creative Cougars:

Meet us Creative Cougars Made By: Hayli, and Lisbeth

About Mrs. Abernethy:

About Mrs. Abernethy She is a very nice teacher. She is kind a caring she is a lot more. She lets us do so many different projects.

About the Creative Cougars:

About the Creative Cougars The Creative Cougars help people when in need. They are nice and kind people.

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Mrs. Abernethy's Creative Cougars

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Here are the pictures of best friends for girls and boys!

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Here are pictures of the Creative Cougars

About Creative Cougar:

About Creative Cougar He is are class mascot. We think that is awesome! Now here what Creative Cougar has to say. I like the kids and how we have a lot of pets. I also like how the kids picked me as their mascot. Well that is all for right now. Bye!

Now here are some pictures of the Creative Cougar:

Now here are some pictures of the Creative Cougar Creative Cougar in cartoon!

Some things we do in this class:

Some things we do in this class Lit Circle- A reading project we do each week. Technology Learning- We do a lot of different learning thing with technology. Like brain pop, study island, first in math, est. Educational Videos- Like Mr.Duey, Lodge. They are the composers. One of the videos where Scientific Method and a lot more. Edmodo - Is like a facebook . But this one is like for school. Gaggle- it is a e-mail for school.

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