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Our Field Trip to the Cleveland Zoo:

Our Field Trip to the Cleveland Zoo By, Jamin , Brenden , Carter, Josh

The Groups:

The Groups Tyler, Canyon, Carter, Logan, Paul, Corey Lexi , Sabrina, Jonna , Hayli , Jayda , Rachael Ava, Suzy, L isbeth , Cheyanne , Ashley, Sierra Michael, Austin, Kristian , Deacon, Keith Josh, Josh, Jamin , Trap, Ben, Brenden , Joe, Noah

Our Guide Mrs. A:

Our Guide Mrs. A She is Awesome. She is a Skittle lover. She loves Lady Gaga She is smart. And good with animals

What we liked.:

What we liked. We liked the sloth, tiger, rhino, lion, polars bears, shark, octopus, monkeys and the sloth.

The End:

The End The End

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