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Mrs. Abernethy's creative cougars!:

Mrs. Abernethy's creative cougars! By: Jonna & Ashley

What are lit circles?:

Lit circles are projects we do in reading. Here are some examples. If you read a book you have to do a project every week telling what you read. You should add a lot of details to get an A+! What are lit circles?

The Creative Cougars!:

The creative cougars are the kids in the class of Mrs. Abernethy’s room. The creative cougars have pets in the class. We have so much fun in M rs. Abernethy's class! The Creative C ougars!

The creative cougar:

The creative cougar is our mascot. He represents our awesome class! The creative cougar

Who are the pets? :

The pets are 1 ferret, 3 bearded dragon lizards, and 4 chinchillas. There is a mom and dad chinchilla. Also to babies a boy and a girl They are the best pets in the world!! Who are the pets?

What we like the most in the class!:

I really like the pets and Mrs. A. By: Ashley I like my teacher the most because she is very nice, and kind, and funny! By: Jonna What we like the most in the class!

Our videos:

We do lots of videos. They are very fun! We did Scientific Method, Mr. Morton ,Myth busters ,and Bill of Rights. My Favorite video to do was Bill of rights! By : Jonna My favorite video was Mr. Morton. By : Ashley Our videos

Our visitors:

Our visitors where Morpheus, civil war Sallie, and Mr. O'Malley. I liked civil war Sallie because she reminds me of the war. By : Jonna I liked when Mr. O'Malley came because he talked about the stocks and we had bets. By : Ashley Our visitors

What is PSSA?:

PSSA is a test you take every year. There are 3 sessions in reading and math. Every year The reading session gets harder to read. Math gets harder to! That’s the fun part! What is PSSA?

Study Island!:

Study island is a website for kids. They learn reading, writing ,and math. If you pass it you will get a blue ribbon or a white ribbon. If you get a white ribbon you have to still go because you are not fully finished with the real session. Study Island!

About Mrs. Abernethy:

Mrs. Abernethy is a sweet , kind ,funny, And a nice teacher! Since the beginning of last year I’ve wanted Mrs. Abernethy I have hade the best year of my life!! By : Jonna Mrs. A is the best teacher in the whole world! She made 5 th grade awesome! By : Ashley About Mrs. Abernethy



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