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Lights Camera Amalee : 

Lights Camera Amalee By Dar Williams Project by Suzy

Pay Attention there is a game at the end : 

Pay Attention there is a game at the end

Amalee : 

Amalee Amalee is a 11 year old. She is very smart and is making a movie about endangered species. By reading the book , her movie sounds very interesting!! I would want to watch it!!

Amalee’s Dad : 

Amalee’s Dad This is Amalee’s Dad. He works at a school and is helping Amalee with her movie.

Amalee’s Mom : 

Amalee’s Mom This is Amalee’s mom she died in a car crash!

Carolyn : 

Carolyn Carolyn is one of dad’s friends. She is helping with the movie.

phyllis : 

phyllis Phyllis is also one of dad’s friends and is helping with the movie

John : 

John John is a Chef, he is in the movie.

Joyce : 

Joyce Joyce is another one of dad’s friends and is helping to.

Kyle : 

Kyle Kyle lives by Amalee. Amalee has a crush on him!!:o

Erica : 

Erica Erica is Kyle’s Girlfriend. She is mean to Amalee because she likes learning.

Grandma : 

Grandma Grandma died of old age. She gave Amalee the money for her movie.

Sarah : 

Sarah Sarah is Amalee’s friend, she is very nice to Amalee, and is in the movie.

Mean People : 

Mean People In this book a lot of people are mean to Amalee!!:[

The Movie : 

The Movie The movie Amalee is making is about endangered species and how to help them. The characters will be frogs. To make her movie successful she has gone to a lot of places and watched a lot of things like… Museum of Natural History An Aquarium in Boston A Garden with Endangered Plants And Many More places!!!

Chapter 1 : 

Chapter 1 In chapter 1 Amalee is in school and is sharing a short video she made for her English class. Her teacher made a video of his son with the dolphins. One reason she decides to make a movie.

Chapter 2 : 

Chapter 2 In chapter 2 Amalee is invited to her grandma’s house. Amalee has never seen her grandma before. Her grandma is on her mom’s side, and her mom died when she was young. Amalee and Sarah talk about it. Sarah wants Amalee to bring a tape recorder with her, because it might be the only time Amalee will see her.

Chapter 2 : 

Chapter 2 Amalee did bring the recorder but she asked if she could use it. Amalee never realized that her grandma was so rich! One thing that caught her eye was a big, jar with hundreds of coins! She talked with her grand ma for a little and the left.

Chapter3 : 

Chapter3 In Chapter 3 Amalee, and her dad got a letter in the mail that said her grandma died. A day later she got her inheritance, the jar of coins!!!!

Chapter4 : 

Chapter4 In chapter 4 Amalee says she is going to make a movie.

Chapter5 : 

Chapter5 In chapter 5 Amalee explains everything.

Read the book for more!! : 

Read the book for more!!

Now My quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : 

Now My quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeopardy : 


Correct : 


Double Jeopardy : 

Double Jeopardy

Wrong : 


The movie 200 : 

The movie 200 What is the movie about? Environmental Science Environmental Species Endangered Species Endangered Science

The Movie 400 : 

The Movie 400 Who are the characters? Tigers Frogs Dogs Lions

The Movie 600 : 

The Movie 600 Witch two are in the movie? Amalee and Kyle Sarah and Erica John and Joyce John and Sarah

The Movie 800 : 

The Movie 800 Who gave her the money? Sarah Phyllis Grandma Dad

The Movie 1000 : 

The Movie 1000 In one of the early slides it says… Her movie is about endangered species and how to… What? Help them Save them Kill them Get Rid of them

Dad’s Friends 200 : 

Dad’s Friends 200 Who has blonde hair? Carolyn Joyce Phyllis George

Dad’s Friends 400 : 

Dad’s Friends 400 Who is not one of Dad’s friends? Sally Erica Joyce Phyllis

Dad’s Friends 600 : 

Dad’s Friends 600 Who is a chef? John Phyllis George Amalee

Dad’s Friends 800 : 

Dad’s Friends 800 I s everyone of his friends helping or taking a part in her movie? Yes No

Dad’s Friends 1000 : 

Dad’s Friends 1000 Out of Dad’s friends who are boys? Phyllis and John John Phyllis John and Kyle

Aaa 200 : 

Aaa 200 What animal out of the fowling is endangered? Dog Bear Panda Robin

Aaa 400 : 

Aaa 400 True or False We can stop Animal Endangerment. True False

AAA 600 : 

AAA 600 True or False What Amalee is doing is important for the animals. True False

AAA 800 : 

AAA 800 True or False We can cut down trees for paper. True False

AAA 1000 : 

AAA 1000 True or False We should kill tigers because they kill other animals. True False

Other 200 : 

Other 200 Who is Amalee’s best friend? Joyce Phyllis Erica Sarah

Other 400 : 

Other 400 What did she do with the money her grandma gave her when she died? She bought a dog. She bought camera equipment She bought frog costumes She went shopping with her mom

Other 600 : 

Other 600 Who is the author of this book? Dar Williams Hayli Toy Mary Pope Osborne J.K.Rowing

Other 800 : 

Other 800 Lights What Amalee Animals Love Camera Action

Other 1000 : 

Other 1000 How do you spell ………………………………. Must Spell Aloud Wrong Right

Thank you:] : 

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