3 Colours Rule - 10 Ads So Controversial They Were Banned in the UK

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3 Colours Rule is a London Branding Agency. Our creative agency is specialised in creating outstanding branding. In this presentation we review controversial ads that were banned in the UK.


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10 Ads so Controversial that they were banned in the UK

slide 2:

Are Yves Saint Laurent’s Models Too Skinny

slide 3:

You ma y not like blair but it is of questionable taste.

slide 4:

When diesel praises stupidity .

slide 5:

A singular vision of gender equality .

slide 6:

Love has no age.

slide 7:

Who will win

slide 8:

Another singular vision of gender equality .

slide 9:

This is a huge fail.

slide 10:

This Child does not seem safe.

slide 11:

And finall y .

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Do you want to find out how to build a reputable brand

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Contact us for a complimentary brand review at www.3coloursrule.com

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