Create a Website - A Beginner's Guide


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Create a Website - A Beginner's Guide:

Create a Website - A Beginner's Guide

Create a Website - A Beginner's Guide:

Create a Website - A Beginner's Guide Creating a website is quite easy nowadays. With the right resources, you will be able to create your own website in no time. Others often create websites for their blogs, businesses and portfolios. For example, if you want to have your own blog, you could use Wordpress. It features a quick installation process and after some minor tweaks your site will be up and running!

1. Purpose of your website:

1. Purpose of your website Knowing the main purpose of your website is the starting point as it is the very foundation of the site you are trying to create. If you want to share your experiences, places you've been and other personal stuff, you can create a blog for yourself. If you want to promote your products or services, you can create a store or corporate site for your business.

2. Website Name:

2. Website Name Think of a unique name for your website. This is very important and ideally the name should be a reflection of what your website is all about! Write down several names of your choice and select the one that suits you the most.

3. Choose a Domain:

3. Choose a Domain What is a domain? It is your website's own address on the internet. For example: "". If you have already decided on your website name, you could use the same name as your domain name. In order to have a .com website address, you should register it through a web host.

4. What is a web host?:

4. What is a web host? It is a server that hosts your website on the internet. A good example to illustrate this is to think of a shop in a large mall located in New York. The shop owner has named the shop "Top Fashion ". Now, he needs to put up his shop in the mall. So, "Top Fashion" is like your website name, the mall is the web host, and New York is the Web. Find a good, reliable web host to ensure the safety of your website.

5. Theme Selection:

5. Theme Selection A site's theme is one thing you should pay attention to when you make your own websites . It reflects the image of the site, so choose a theme well suited for your website.

6. Updating and Maintenance:

6. Updating and Maintenance Always have your website checked several times a month to identify bugs, errors that may occur. These tasks may be automated via your web host control panel. Make sure to have it well attended in order to have your site running smoothly.

Get a FREE Website Building Video Guide:

Get a FREE Website Building Video Guide Get more tips and advice. Click the link here to get a free step-by-step video Guide. This video will walk you through everything that you need to build and efficiently market your website.

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