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Crawford Truck Sales specializes in Jerr-Dan New and Used Tow Trucks.Here at Crawford Truck we stock thousands of Jerr-Dan parts and accessories to meet customers timely demands. We repair all makes and models of towing equipment.


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Custom Tow Trucks - Great Towing Equipment You’ve probably have seen tow trucks from our dealership from your competition They are often found at accidents on the side of the highway small towns and for commercial use.. Tow trucks come in a variety of models to best serve different needs. Custom tow trucks are indispensable part of life nowadays. One is its ability to do heavy-duty towing which is great when you need to tow a vehicle or material. In an accident the damage that is sustained is unavoidable but tow trucks can help remove the huge parts. Modern day tow truck owners take this to a whole new level by customizing their tow trucks to add a more personal touch to their specific needs. Heavy duty tow truck business can cost a ton of money because of the trucks that need to be purchased the licenses that need to be acquired and drivers that need to be hired. Heavy duty tow trucks are an important part of the logistics industry because they are able to tow larger vehicles such as ambulances fire trucks box trucks tractor trailers and other large vehicles that flatbed and winch trucks are unable to tow. Towing larger vehicles is easier with tow trucks. Since heavy duty trucks are the backbone of hundreds of towing companies across the country they are expensive and require large investment from the owners. Heavy duty tow truck for sale is good solution to save money and still own a much bigger vehicle. Tow trucks are necessary vehicles because they play important roles in events of accidents break downs traffic stops illegal parking and so much more. Police departments usually have one or two tow trucks in their fleet of police vehicles. Often you will witness police departments using these trucks to remove illegally parked large vehicles from the streets tow broken down fire trucks and tow larger vehicles that have been involved in accidents when a towing company is not available to clear the roadway.

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Whether you are towing damaged vehicles sports cars or motorcycles tow trucks at Crawford Truck allows you to experience the superior performance and uncompromising standards of the industrys toughest most reliable wreckers. Crawford Truck stocks thousands of Jerr-Dan parts and accessories to meet customer’s timely demands. They repair all makes and models of towing equipment. For more information visit our website https://www.crawfordtruck.com/. Address :- 2176 Main St Lancaster MA 01523

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