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A contagious (and potentally fatal) disease found in horses.


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informative to the vety. students and the faculty as well.

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EIA-Equine Infectious Anemia: 

EIA-Equine Infectious Anemia By-Ashlynn Cobb

EIA or Swamp Fever: 

EIA or Swamp Fever There is NO CURE to EIA. It is a viral disease and is potentially fatal. This is a horse with EIA.


EIA=Equine AIDS/HIV In a way, EIA is just like AIDS or HIV. The virus reproduces in the horse’s white blood cells and circulates through the body. The horse’s Immune System destroys the infected blood cells.

The Coggin’s (or Coggins) Test: 

The Coggin’s (or Coggins) Test The Coggin’s test tests for EIA Coggins tests were developed by Dr. Leroy Coggins in 1970 A positive coggins means the horse carries EIA. If a test comes back positive, it is redone several more times to assure accuracy. Horses with positive coggins are given a control license. This means the horse must be moved somewhere without horses. If you move a horse with EIA without a control license, you a violating the Health of Animals Act. Most horses diagnosed with EIA are sent to slaughter.

EIA’s stages: 

EIA’s stages There are 3 stages to EIA. These stages are: Acute Chronic Inapparent Acute-Horse that has High concentrations of the virus Chronic-has high concentrations of the virus, but it is no longer multiplying. Inapparent-Horse is carrying it but is not showing signs of illness. Stress may bring it to the Acute stage.

The horses…: 

The horses… Each horse is different to EIA. Acute, Chronic, and Inapparent stages may not ALL be seen in 1 horse. However, a horse may show more than one, and it they all can be seen in 1 horse. (it’s just not likely)


Facts Acute Stage - One fifth of a teaspoon of infected blood in this stage contains enough of the virus to infect 1,000,000 horses. Chronic Stage - One fifth of a teaspoon of infected blood in this stage contains enough of the virus to infect 10,000 horses. Inapparent Stage - Only one out of 6,000,000 horse flies is likely to pick up the virus from this horse and spread it to another. Unlike HIV, EIA can spread through the air.

The (Only) Ireland Outbreak: 

The (Only) Ireland Outbreak In 2006, Ireland had its first outbreak of EIA. The Outbreak started in August By October 5, more than 1,100 horses were infected. The outbreak ended on December 10

There’s still Hope!: 

There’s still Hope! You can help by: -maintaining your pastures so you don’t have swampy pastures -get your horses up to date coggins -don’t bring your horse to areas that don’t require negative coggins -use fly spray to prevent the attack of flies The evil spreader of the disease!


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