What makes Jubilee Ace preferable to other arbitrage platforms

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What makes Jubilee Ace preferable to other arbitrage platforms I would say that the commitment and zeal that Jubilee Ace puts into every investment to generate maximum profits on every trade is enough to distinguish them from their competition. They went the extra mile to develop a fully automated trading system called AQUA Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage. This system generates profit from trading and arbitrage scenarios across the globe. The AQUA technology is an arbitrage system that was developed by the company’s founders and it is a cutting-edge technology that performs data consolidation and analysis to extract live big data from across the globe and runs them through Jubilee Ace’s algorithms. AQUA technology is superior to others because it carries out fully automated trades it operates 24/7 it deploys worldwide to scan and formulate the best arbitrage combinations and it is a low-risk and high-performance system. An added advantage to this system is that AQUA carries out an extremely stringent logic check and clearances. This checks and clearance protocol is a rigorous order refusal procedure where no market orders will be placed in the module is detected to have a fault. They went further to create the AQUA risk management protocol which requires professional onsite engineer support. This engineering support is for monitoring maintaining and servicing the AQUA system. To ensure that investors suffer little to no risk at all to their investments Jubilee Ace came up with AQUA-2. This is their secondary system that activates when the primary AQUA system undergoes updates and maintenance doubling as a failsafe backup to ensure a smooth and flawless operation. Another factor to consider when comparing Jubilee Ace to its competitions is the AQUA commodities. These are the unique asset class that is not directly correlated to traditional stocks and shares but have pairs which have historical price movements that trend in consistent directions with one and other. Just like the price for gold and silver trend in the same direction although gold is more volatile than silver. Jubilee Ace takes advantage of this price difference and as an arbitrage technique they long gold and short silver to lower the risk trade position. AQUA commodities compare over 30 pairs of arbitrage trades per second to pick up on the most profitable opportunities. For every arbitrage transaction it is expected to generate an estimated value of 0.1 - 0.2 profit 0.6 - 1 profit daily and 3 - 5 targeted profit weekly 5 days. Also Jubilee Ace has taken advantage of the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency and a large number of a cryptocurrency exchange in the market. With an estimated number of cryptocurrency exchange reaching over 16000 with over 2000 cryptocurrencies trading over the world Jubilee Ace takes advantage of the information and the discrepancy in the prices across these exchanges and sees it as an unprecedented arbitrage opportunity. They take advantage of the high-speed data analysis High-frequency order management and execution traditional two-way arbitrage and the excellent three-way triangular arbitrage

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system the first in the world for cryptocurrency to effectively and efficiently carry out low- risk and productive cryptocurrency trades.

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