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What is Jubilee Ace – Everything you need to know Founded in the year 2018 in the British Virgin Island Jubilee Ace Limited is an arbitrage company that is centered around making maximum yields with the barest minimum risk. It started up with a paid capital of fifty million US dollars and this arbitrage company specializes in a various wide range of sectors. They started up with traditional commodities arbitrage before they expanded and ventured into other industries like cryptocurrency. This company has experience positive results from their arbitrage models and as such they continue to refine the data process into monetizable strategies highly valuable analysis and actionable market decisions and low risk lucrative investment. Their vision and mission are to provide an ultimate trading solution to maximize profits with minimal risk possible. They are primed to impact the financial industry with a transformative effect that will set the pace for becoming a leader in the business and arbitrage industry. How does it work As simple as arbitrage might seem not everyone can successfully pull it off. There are a lot of possibilities to analyze before they are given a risk rating and then the commencement of trade execution. To be able to access and partake in trading on this platform there are specific step-by-step processes that need to be followed. o Sign up an account o Ensure that you have sufficient funds allocated to you o Select the base cryptocurrency you would like to arbitrage in o Enter your trade size o Repeat steps 2-4 to instruct more market pairs to ensure that your bot can plow through the volatility to profit continuously. Jubilee Ace products A.Q.U.A Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage The AQUA bot is based on a Python Script that runs 24 hours seven days a week to collect data form the crypto exchange of each triangular pairs. The data collected is then run through the AI for analysis and a risk arbitrage factor is given to the report. The AQUA AI bot uses a triangular arbitrage method to maximize profits. This method is also referred to as cross currency arbitrage or three-point arbitrage. This method is executed by exploiting an arbitrage opportunity resulting from the price discrepancy on three different currencies in an exchange market. Since crypto-exchange has the same mechanism as foreign currency exchange Jubilee Ace is able to match the logic t arbitrage cryptocurrencies with the triangular method. This method has a more significant advantage because crypto-exchange are more efficient than foreign currency exchange which brings rise to more opportunities more

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cryptocurrency exchange in the market than foreign exchange and more platforms to seek for opportunities and more cryptocurrency pairs compared to foreign currency pairs thus a higher possibility for more opportunities. If there be a decisive factor spotted by the AQUA bot the bot automatically places trades using trade APIs all within split seconds. This process is repeated on other triangular pairs. AQUA is a superior trading bot based on its excellent multiple exchange dependency AI Data Analysis high concurrency automated trade execution and a 99 success rate in comparison to other bot’s efficiency rate. With the hard work and relentless dedication from the Jubilee Ace team they will inevitably achieve remarkable results in the future.

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