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Presentation Description | Cradle of Management Institute is one of the best Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi. A pioneer Institute for Hospitality, Travel & Hotel Management courses in Delhi with state of the art infrastructure and other facilities. CMI is also known for its supreme education and placements facilities. Call @ 9999-80-6606 for more details.


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Shri Narsingh President Cradle of Management Educational Society From the PRESIDENTS DESK As a representative of Cradle of Management Educational Society I hereby welcome all the students for becoming a member of our society and also would like to share the vision and mission of the society. CMES was founded and is registered under S.R Act XX1of 1860 with Govt. of Delhi as a nonprofit Organization. The mission and vision of establishing the society was to meet the growing needs and requirements of Hospitality and Healthcare Sector and also to introduce both the Sectors to the aspiring students with a different and unique approach so that they can understand the importance and diversity of Hospitality and Healthcare Industry. CMES being a nonprofit organization has tied up with National Council for V ocational Training under Ministry of Labour and employment Govt. of India to offer V ocational training courses in hospitality sector. We are also an approved training center of Healthcare Sector Skill Council under National Skill Development Corporation to offer courses in Healthcare and Paramedical Sector. These courses are delivered to students by using International standards so that after completing these vocational courses students are transformed into perfect Hospitality and Paramedical professional and can start their career immediately. CMES is working with full dedication for the development of Hospitality and Paramedical aspirants associated with the society. I feel overwhelmed and highly obliged to the students their parents and members of the society for trusting us and for putting in their contribution which has lead CMES to the path of great success. From the PRINCIP ALS desk I am delighted that you are desirous to consider Cradle of Management Institute for your higher education in pursuit of bright career growth. Today it is an “Alternative Route” to attain knowledge skills and simultaneous experience. I extend you a warm welcome and assure to manage your time better and utilize it for a job to fulfill your responsibilities of contributing towards supporting a family. The Cradle of Management Institute is working for the nation building. It is proving to be the thirst quencher for the hungry hospitality industry. I am glad to note the satisfaction of the students pursuing our courses and of the industries employing these students. Encouraged by this we are in process of introducing more such job oriented courses. Aggressively designed curriculums job oriented foundation programmes of Cradle provide our students the most suitable and dynamic packages. The success of the Institution is dedicated to highly experienced and qualified faculty the supporting management and other efficient staff. The base is the world-class state of the art infrastructure and peaceful educational environment at Cradle Delhi. We are thankful to the students their parents and the industry in reposing faith in Cradle and its initiatives I convey my best wishes to all of them. Prof. Narender Lohchab Principal Academic Cradle Group CO ON NT TE EN NT TS Ov e rv ie w o f Ho s p ita lity In d u s try - by L a v ee n a M a lh o tra D h a m O verview of H ealthcare Industry - by E ditorial T eam C elebrating 10 years of S u cce ss - by P reeti G rover L uthra G reetings from H ospitality W orld G reetings from H ealthcare W orld In trod u ctio n o f E x tra C o rpo re a l P h o top h e risis E C P b y B lk S u p e r S p e cia lity Ho sp ita l B a n P roce sse d F ood N o W e S hould R a the r De m a nd It -by C he f A nuj Ka poor R ole of F olic A c id in Nu trige nom ics - by Nu pur C ha uha n Nutrition A s A C areer O ption -by S a ndhya P a ndey F ortis H ealthcare Ho w L e a rn in g De v e l op m e n t H a v e A L o n g T e rm G row th Im p a c t o f T h e O rg a n iz a tion B y C o n s is te n c y In S e rv ic e s :- b y R ic h a B a jpa i-T ra in in g M a n a g e r-T h e L a lit “E nha ncing T he C a ree r A nd G rowth In T he Se ctor O f H e a lthca re A nd P a ra m e dica l ” -by Mr . A s hok -P a rk G roup O f H os pita ls O rga niz ing C o mm ittee E vents L ectures F rom Industry E xperts W h y C o rpo ra te C o mm unica tion Is Im po rta nt In H e a lth ca re -by V a rita Ma lh o tra - P a rk G roup O f H o s pita ls 39 C urrent B a tches- H otel Ma na gem ent P a ra m e dica l T ra ining P la cem ents-2015-16 D isc ourse H o u s e k ee p i n g C a rts A B le ss i n g O r …a C u rs e – by P u rnim a V e rm a 04- 05 06 06-10 11-12 14- 15 18 17 20 28 13 03- 04 16 36-38 29-35 22-26 27 21 19

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OVER VIEW of HOSPITALITY Industry India has a unique blend of timeless fascination and which further effectively implement and invest in modern approaches-An ideal holiday destination various tourism strategies. which goes beyond travellers imagination and this To meet these changing and challenging demands unique quality A place India on a special platform in hoteliers are seeking innovative alternatives to cater the world of tourism. India is a home to endless guests. India has lot of opportunities in this global exquisite archaeological collections which can never booming hospitality industry. The Indian Hospitality match any other country all over the world. States Industry has materialised as one of the key drivers here have stunning scenery which is perfectly suited of growth among the service sectors of world. It to exploration relaxation and religiously helps in contributes 6.23 to the national GDP and 8.78 turning travellers stay- an unforgettable experience. to the employment of the country.Infact India is the It is an ideal place for peaceful break. Tourism and ninth largest civil aviation market in the world in hospitality have emerged as the main contributors of 2014. The sector is projected to be the third largest the service sectors in our country. With such a wide aviation market globally by 2020 .It caters 117 range in our cultural and historical heritage variety million domestic and 43 million international of geographical features India has a large potential passengers in 2014 and in coming 10 years it can for earning foreign exchange. reach 337 million domestic and 84 million People across the world are curious and their interest International Passengers. has brought name fame and created jobs in all If you have great zeal enthusiasm and passion for sectors. Economic growth has increased by leaps and this Industry then work hard lucrative career waits bounds. Increasing global travel is quite visible across for you. all segments- leisure corporate and group travel 3 3

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Paramedics are responsible for emergency medical care of persons involved in a number of incidents including violent assaults strokes boating and car accidents and serious injuries. They are the actually the Biggest level of emergency medical personnel. Their responsibility is to provide advanced emergency care to patients who are being transported to hospitals. The Indian Paramedical and Healthcare systems include public and private hospitals as well as specialized other hospitals like ayurveda offering this traditional Indian system of alternative medicine. Almost all locals and experts prefer using services of private hospitals and clinics. All these private hospitals and clinics are providing high standard of care that is at the same level as North American and European countries. Private hospitals are modern and well equipped and the doctors are highly qualified and often trained abroad. Indian Healthcare industry provides employment opportunities to as many as 4 million people in the health care segment or other related sectors catering to the needs of the medication. Indian has become one of the favourite for healthcare treatments which is owing to the vast differences in medical expenses in western countries. Due to the Indias progressive nature of the healthcare sector several foreign companies are intending to even invest in the country. Health care jobs are considered to be one among of the most noble career options which is known to be the single largest profession all around the world. There are numerous medical complexities the need for advanced medical care have necessitated the recruitment of qualified experienced medical professionals in this field such as medical laboratory technicians radiologists medical assistants doctors physicians. Vital information on Hospitals are provided by employment agencies who help people register as healthcare workers Medical recruiting agencies travel resettlement agencies local recruiting. Challenges facing Indian healthcare: Challenges for Indian Healthcare remained same even after lots of years have passed. While we have seen 100 billion growth by 2015 the perennial problems facing India are still those arising from malnutrition infant mortality lacking overall development sanitation and access to affordable hospitalization and clinical care. On the other end of the spectrum availability of a skilled workforce – both doctors and nursing and support staff – is cringing. Doctor-nurse density per 10000 persons of the Indian population is an abysmal 19 6.5 doctors + 13 nurses. WHO report 2012.

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in clinical areas restrooms and public spaces as well as the kitchen and laundry that helps them to gain the trust and confidence the patients and staff place in the care. Hospitals are hiring Hospitality professionals at greater extent in order to incorporate a Service Culture to optimize the Patient Experience. Also it helps hospitals to become great hospital leaders in the industry and improve their branding in the market. The Main function of every hospital is to communicate a healthy lifestyle to patients and their circle of family friends with accreditation of non- medical Service Quality Standards. Similarly as healthcare is taking advantage from a hospitality-style approach of focusing on a service culture the hospitality industry can learn from healthcares expertise in complex-system management which involves a system with many moving parts some of which are independent of each other the presence of numerous intertwined legal human resource and supply chain subsystems. But the approaches we are taking with the patients experience as well as in complex management system are not likely to be very effective and will not be able to help us to achieve the results we are expecting and looking for in both the sectors. So it is required to understand the link between both the sectors and to use the learning from the areas for reaping better benefits. Healthcare means Healing with Hospitality. As we all know that Global healthcare and Paramedical sector is continuing to grow and change so also the expectations of patients are growing at medical and non-medical level. To meet all the demands and expectations Hospitals and Clinics are becoming increasingly aware of the pivotal role of Hospitality Service Culture. At same level Hotels Resorts are rapidly improving their Health Wellness services for their guests. To make it more clear we understand that when a patient stays in a hospital he and his family trust you with their lives and their well-being. They trust the hospital to work and to deliver the disease prohibition solutions across your facility that will help the hospitals to constantly improve patient outcomes and improve the operational efficiency. Every Hospital or Healthcare center takes care of various issues like disinfection cleaning and hygiene

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6 CELEBRATING 10 years of SUCCESS Preeti Grover Luthra Front Office Faculty . First step towards delivering Quality Education 2006 Affiliation with Punjab Technical University Jalandhar Arrange VT/IT in reputed brands like T aj Group of Hotels etc. Arranged various events to boost student confidence Participated in Seminars Exhibitions in various states in India Extension of Practical Labs in Hotel Management Department Affiliation from National Council of Vocational Training Ministry of Labour Employment Govt. of India Defined a separate T raining Placement Cell Generated maximum number of admissions in Hospitality Courses Approval for Extension in T rades from National Council of V ocational T raining 2013 2007 2008 2009 2010 20 1 1 2012 There is something about the number 10 it often signifies maturity recognition and a sense of achievement. We are now officially 10 years old can stand up and be counted. We have seen our fair share of ups and downs. We have moved passed various challenges that an education entails both internal and external and we have effectively carved a niche for ourselves in hospitality and Healthcare Education. We have obviously learnt from the past tried our best to eliminate the mistakes and consolidate on our strengths. In fact it has only just begun but today we feel like we have finally arrived. It is probably something about the number 10 .It is very heartening to see that we have gained the respect and the good wishes of the industry at large an industry that we have set out to inform and serve. In our own way we are proud to say that over the 10 year we have succeeded in setting benchmarks in training and placement benchmarks in providing education…and have come to be looked upon as an integral part of this industry. We would like to thank each and every one of you in the industry .who has stood by this for the last 10 years and our outstanding team at CRADLE OF MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE for making this possible. We are sure we will have many more reasons to celebrate together in the years to come……. Introduction to Paramedical C o u rs e s / Initiative for Skill D e v e lo p me n t under Star S c h e m e / Affiliation fro m Healthcare Sector Skills Council 2014 An initiative for Skill Development under Hunar Se Rojgar Programme Approval for Extension in T rades from Healthcare Sector Skill Council Celebrating 10 years of success and more to come.... 2015 2016 COMING OF AGE

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C radle of Management Institute is one of the premier bank of knowledge which is dedicated towards empowering the young talent towards the amazing and bright line of career in Hotel Management and Hotel Operations. With several certifications like ISO and affiliation from esteemed Universities. It has much to offer to the students in comparison to any other hotel management institution/college. I wish Cradle of Management Institute all the best for the future and wish them luck in shaping better careers. Chef Vivek Saggar HEAD- BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TOURISM HOSPITALITY SKILL COUNCIL GENERAL SECRETARY-INDIAN CULINARY FORUM T he idiom of Athithi Devo Bhava Guest is God is ingrained in our culture. And this attitude is reflected in all aspects of Hospitality industry . The demand for trained manpower in this sector is rising by the day . With the governments initiative “skill India” emphasis is also being laid on tourism as well as hospitality . The onus of developing career path skill competency and qualifications to meet the estimated demand of two lac personnel per year is on the Institutes. The food industry is growing in terms of number and size we are exposed to new concepts international and regional cuisines. It is the chefs who have been continuously contributing to the evolution of gourmet experience creating art of plating and signature dishes through innovations. Its amazing to see the precision of science and creative art that chefs practice. They have the challenging task of maximizing productivity controlling costs upgrading menus and introducing new dishes to keep the restaurant contemporary . Going a step further today we see many restaurant concepts which are chef owned and driven that successfully compete with others. Positive attitude energy and friendliness will take one a long way in this field. Other than that good communication skills excellent organisational and administrative skills personal charm a polite and pleasing personality flexibility and a confident approach are the skills which will help any individual to grow in this field. One has to be comfortable with unearthly working hours and doing menial work at times Chef Bharat Alagh t gives me immense pleasure in welcoming young talents who would be learning REGIONAL CHEF –NORTH CITRUS HOTELS JOINT SECRETARY-INDIAN CULINARY FORUM IInstitute. Congratulations.. their comprehensive basics from experiences educators of Cradle of Management And I look forward to many more future hospitality leaders carry out their niche in this ever expanding hospitality industry . 7 7 GREETINGS From HOSPITALITY World

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Bmanager in 2-5 years”. T o a graduating student or to a newcomer joining college udding Hoteliers and soon graduating students often ask me: “What is the secret to success” “What is the best department where I can grow fast and become a or his first job there seems to be so much to learn in order to become an expert at his/her trade or a successful hotel manager. At times it may seem intimidating and a daunting task. However A.S.K.attitude Skill Knowledgeare cumulative and if you make a concious effort to master your basics management skills right it may seem very exciting and challenging for you. Hoteliers are MADE not born. Being called a hotelier is not for the meak hearted or the un-proactive individual. When you are young and inexperienced if you want to stand out you must be willing to work hard and for long hours — and in the hotel business you know you are paid less than your IT doctorate friends. I remember my mentor told me that I should always volunteer to take on extra tasks. In time people will notice that you are a team player and you will be valued more. I was willing to sacrifice in order to get what I wanted — I dreamed of being a GM. But of course I loved what I did. I enjoy working in the service industry . Luck being at the right place at the time is another factor. Sometimes you can make your "luck" but that is not always true. My advice to any young hotelier has always been very simple and easy to read but is very difficult to achieve 1. Master your communication skills English/ Hindi/ V ocabulary and be quick with your responses – no guest likes to wait 2. Learn to be proactive dont wait to be told. Always grab an opportunity to be noticed for pre conceiving guest/ seniors requests. 3. Know your brand and its service standards. 4. Be a team member at a junior position and even when youre a manager 5. SMILE – its tax free Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Suites Hotels by Carlson Gurgaon and always remember “The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success” 9 irstly Wishing all of you a great 2016. It is very encouraging to see young GENERAL MANAGER FORTUNE PARK BOULV ARD Fan institute which dreams and makes an effort to support you with a career and students aspiring to become hoteliers. Y ou are really lucky to be associated with livelihood. Keep up the great work in creating passionate hoteliers. Roop K Pandita Anish Manichan TRAINING MANAGER COUNTRY INN AND SUITES GREETINGS From HOSPITALITY World

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On achieving a milestone of 500 bone marrow transplants by Department of Hemato-Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant at BLK Super Speciality Hospital the team of doctors have launched a new advanced mode of therapy to treat patients with graft versus host failures GVHD following transplants. The department of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine have introduced this new immunotherapy called Extra Corporeal Photopheresis ECP. Extracorporeal photopheresis is an intensive procedure which involves the removal and collection of a portion of a patients blood cells mainly white blood cells eg. lymphocytes. Furthers a light sensitive drug is added to these cells and cell are exposed to an UV light before re-infusing them back to the patients. The treated cells infusion show altered immune response and cause the down regulation of the immune function in patients with many skin conditions as well as GVHD. ECP is a standard treatment of care for patients with a rare skin cancer called Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma CTCL in western world and it also offers a ray of hope for patients suffering from GVHD mainly involving the skin and gastro intestinal tract. As the team of doctors at BLK Hospital pioneered the bone marrow transplant now they are moving ahead in treating the transplant patient suffering from GVHD. This is one of the most advanced treatments which can be offered to these patients and its one of its kind available in India till now. ECP is a standard treatment of care for patients with a rare skin cancer called Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma CTCL in western world and it also offers a ray of hope for patients suffering from GVHD mainly involving the skin and gastro intestinal tract. As the team of doctors at BLK Hospital pioneered the bone marrow transplant now they are moving ahead in treating the transplant patient suffering from GVHD. This is one of the most advanced treatments which can be offered to these patients and its one of its kind available in India till now. 13 by BLK Super Speciality Hospital INTRODUCTION of "Extra Corporeal PHO TOPHERESIS ECP"

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BAN PROCESSED F ood No WE SHOULD RATHER demand it The other day while watching TV I came across the images of Ameri Consumer Rights Group protesting vociferously against processed fo It is actually a common sight... common enough for not warranti a second thought common since Michelle Obama announced "Processed Food begone" In days to come I noticed similar protests at home here in India. Read about them in Food Beverage trade journals magazines and even national dailies. Is it all a matter of chance I wondered or maybe it was always there just that I never noticed. One way or the other I told myself this was yet another movement originating in the west having travelled the usual route via television channels social media pages groups and petitions and award winning recipe books. It is on its way to become a fad here. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to scream Say-No-To-All-Processed-Food that it seems anyone who has ever liked processed food must feel ashamed of having done that. Modern fast/processed food is disastrous and that message is propagated I do have a very secret submission at the risk of all the hate mails and messages to follow. I do not agree with this. In fact all this outcry is outright nonsense. Before anyone jumps to conclusions I am not a fan of canned baked beans or anchovies. I love my Bhindi ki subzi and Ive loved the childhood times can ate it w od. ng against c w No. blin a has and a when we just broke a piece off the cauliflower and hile mother would cut it for dinner preparation and the raw floret actually used to have awesome organic flavour to it. So in that sense I am deeply grounded well to the roots. But I want to ask is all that hoopla and opposition only certain well defined hemicals being added to some ell explained products. No and Theres all this brouhaha of dly opposing processed food in te. Who has the time to stop sk those insignificant questions. I ask this because the movement is gaining momentum and very soon it would not remain in any one organizations bodys or NGOs control. It worries me to see that it really is becoming about opposing ALL processed food. Well let me break this to you All Fresh and All Natural is against history and rather obnoxious. As a Chef let me tell you - Fresh food can give you quite a shock when you encounter it. For our Ancestors - almost all fresh was nasty and all natural tasted bad. Fresh meat was tough resilient - it needed to be hung dried spiced cured smoked. Fresh milk tasted warm and quite unmistakably a bodily excretion - no wonder children naturally hate it besides their own mothers and have to be conditioned read forced to consume it. Fresh berries can be impossibly sour and fresh vegetables can be very bitter. Natural was also usually indigestible. Grains ranging Contd.... Chef Anuj Kapoor Executive Chef Four Points by Sheraton 1 144

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Chef Anuj Kapoor Executive Chef Four Points by Sheraton

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Nupur Chauhan Microbiology Faculty

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Purnima V erma House Keeping Faculty

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Ashok Bedwal Chief Operating Officer Park Group of Hospitals

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MEMORIES of Freshers P ARTY 2015 CMI had organized Freshers party on September 2015. All the Freshers were welcomed in the institute with this Grand Welcome party. This party was an ice breaker for the Freshers and was attended by the senior students faculty members and the management of the institute. Students from all the classes participated and enjoyed. Solo performance group performance and ramp walk was organized. Chief guest invited for this event was Mr. Tushar Abrol Learning and Development Manager of Vivanta by Taj Gurgaon. On this event students especially freshers were able to showcase their talent. Winners were as follows: Mr. Fresher: – Dimpy Sondhi Miss fresher: - Alisha Solo performance: - Anil Group performance: - Play by Degree students Shivam Neeraj Pankaj Singh Pankaj Chand Sajid Surya Prakash Suraj Mohit Aman 2 25 5

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the widespread corruption in the political system of this country. However they still dont realize that system. It is very easy to nd aws in the current political scenario but what is required of us is to become a part of the process to know the realities at the grass root level. Politics is like a body that is withering due to the old and stagnant views imposed on it. What it needs is a whiff of fresh air and young generation of India need to pitch in and be a part of this revolution so that we dont have to call leaders as old as 40 youth leaders.Ready for politics anyone Ashish Vith Sem. 2 29 9 can prove to be a very promising career. burning desire to make it big and good political career a boost. Participation of the Indian youth in upcoming year. Most of the educated politics does need educated people who decisions to make difference to the Indias educated citizens dont realize Educated Indians should join politics Omar Abdullah Milind Deora Sachin who would attract many more like them. about joining politics. Todays youth undoubtedly is very their rights and powers as citizens of the I n d i a t o b e c o m e a w o r l d - c l a s s A willingness to work for the masses a public speaking skills can really give your politics is extremely important in the Indians dont even think about it. Indian can reason out things and take informed masses. It is the misfortune of India that the importance of entering this eld. and try to bring about a positive change. Pilot etc. are educated young politicians We have to change the peoples view ambitious and goal-oriented.They know worlds largest democracy. They want developed country and are infuriated by Politics-A Viable Career Option for the Y outh Politics-the mere mention of this word makes the young teens inch. No wonder then joining politics is a far-fetched thought for the most of them. Therefore it comes as no surprise that many teens do not considerate as a viable career option. The word politicsread corruption scams et allpaints such a dreary picture that hardly anyone would like to be associated with it. And to the re the present bunch of politicians seems to have tarnished its images beyond repair. But why not look at the brighter side and explore the plethora of opportunities that politics has to offer. There is no denying that politics Life is a big examination God is a great examiner. We all are students in his class. Our life is an answer book. To write down our answer. The world is an examination hall. We assemble there to sit. The time allowed in three hours. The rst hour of examination. Is spent in childhood. The second hour of examination. Is spent in enjoying the youth. B i o E x a m i n a t i o n And the nal hour of examination My dear is the old age. The nal call given by God. Signi es the end of the examination. Our answer book are snatched away. And life comes to an end. Kartik Shokeen Paramedical

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tears. She remembered the gut wrenching pain shed felt when she realized her best friends her soul sisters days were number. She spoke up “Can I go see her. “I- I think so. She softly opened the door of the room. She met with a sigh shed never forget in her life. Her best friend lying on the hard hospital bed pale as Death and hooked up to more machines and needles than she could count. Tears blurred her vision as Evas eyes opened and she cracked a weak humorless smile “This is really weird huh” Shreya barely managed to nod keeping herself from crying. Eva pursed her lips as she tried to gather the strength to say something.”What the doctors say” she nally managed. “I-I dont know I havent talked to them yet.” She turned her head on the pillow. “It doesnt matter I know whats going to happen anyway.” Shreya walked over to the bed slowly and sank to her knees next to Eva grasping her hand. Dont say that Ev youll be ne just you see. The doctors will-“ “The doctors will what Shreya What can they do Im dying I know it mom knows it and they known it Its not going to go away because we want it too. Shreya turned her head and Evas eyes softened.”I m sorry that was harsh. Shreya look at me. You ve got to take care of mom you know how she is. Shell stop doing anything . Be there for her. And for Heavens sake dont wear that horrible black dress- I dont know how you call it a dress- to my funeral. Himanshu Mishra Vith Sem Shreya burst through the hospital door and walked quickly to the reception desk. “Ms.Eva Grover please “she said breathlessly. The bored receptionist was taking her own sweet time and Shreya wanted to shout at her to just hurry up. The lady checked the log and said monotonously “Room 301.Head down that corridor “She gestured. “ Take the elevator to the third oor. Turn left and keep going.” She barely waited for her to nish and ran off bumping into people and apologizing. Impatients she stabbed the elevator button trying to make it go faster by sheer will. She ignored the strange looks sent her way. She hopped from foot and rushed out as ignored the strange looks sent her way. She hopped from foot and rushed out as soon as the lift stopped. Staff room Room 304303302…she found Evas mom outside room 301.One look at her tear stained face was enough to send chills of foreboding down her spine. Shreya wrapped her arms around her tiny frame. Mrs. Grover what is it “Shreya she just…. Collapsed and I dont know what to do – Rohans at work numbers isnt reachable and shes so pale. It okay I m here. Its eating her Shreya shes a shell It is like shes already gone as if shes a ghost – she hardly talks she doesnt smile. She just stares out the window and –and- Shreya remembers Evas smile the smile of a troublemaker. When you saw the twinkle in her eyes you knew you were in for it. She also remembered the day Eva was diagnosed with disease. She remembered the sorrow. She remembered the B B r BR a a AVE v e 30 3 0

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p q V d q y k us g k fl a g tujy M h I y k s e k

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