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Food Security: A work in progress : 

Food Security: A work in progress

From the beginning already… : 

From the beginning already… Food security was the reason behind: Agriculture Domestication of “farm” animals Purpose: More control of resources Less vulnerability to natural fluctuations Is still the same today

Many challenges ahead : 

Many challenges ahead From 6 billion people to feed in 2000 to 9 billion in 2050. According to the FAO: 1 billion people hungry in 2009 (that’s 15% of population). Objective stated by the FAO: eliminate hunger in 2025.

Being interdependentto be independent : 

Being interdependentto be independent Agriculture has evolved from local to global. Globalization of markets: what happens somewhere else affects you, too → Isolation will not work. Trade is the way to prosperity → you need something to trade! Knowledge/education is the tool. Political will is the catalyst.

Food security strategies : 

Food security strategies Depending on the specific local situation and on the objectives, various strategies (and combinations of) are possible: Self-sufficiency Imports Trade agreements “Outsourcing” Participation in or purchase of food companies Subsidies Levies

A few examples : 

A few examples After WWII: European Economic Community developed its agricultural plan: Very (too?) successful Currently in the works: “Black Sea Wheat Pool”: Russia-Ukraine-Kazakhstan “Rice Cartel” in ASEAN region

Charting the needs : 

Charting the needs Listing the products needs, objective is balanced diet Carbohydrates (grains) Protein (legumes, animal products) Fats (vegetal, animal) Analyzing the causes of the shortage Mapping the development areas

Future demographics : 

Future demographics Of the country in question Of other countries in the region Of potential partner countries How will it look like in 5, 10, 20, 50 years from now?

What is at stake? : 

What is at stake? Beyond just feeding people, it brings: No social unrest Basis for economic expansion Political stability Ever heard of a prosperous nation that is continuously hungry?

What Maslow tells us : 

What Maslow tells us

Strategic Productions : 

Strategic Productions Ranking them in 3 categories: Absolute necessity Highly important “Accessory”/Substitute Destination: Feeding people Feeding animals Industrial use (biofuels, packaging, plastics, etc) Now set the priorities!

Review of Production Possibilities : 

Review of Production Possibilities Ground/Water/Climate Type/quality Location Surface Possibilities Potential Limitations Action needed Regional Development

Resources needed : 

Resources needed Land/water Financial Labor Equipment Support activities Research Education Technical support

Market Infrastructure : 

Market Infrastructure Current conditions Ideal future set up Action & Development Plan

Food security & Sustainability : 

Food security & Sustainability Can we produce to get 9 billion people on a balanced diet? Can we produce to get 9 billion people on a Western diet? What the answers to these questions will mean for production and distribution system? The right diet. Location of production and markets. Intensification vs. efficiency. Discussion

Food security & Ownership of food : 

Food security & Ownership of food Who will own and control food supplies in the future? Countries? Corporations? Farmers? Investors? Retailers? Land owners? Seeds/genetic material suppliers? Discussion

A need for clear leadership : 

A need for clear leadership Setting the vision Developing the plan Executing the actions Gathering the energies: involvement and commitment of all. Hands-on management. Lots of communication.

Initiating the plan : 

Initiating the plan SWOT Analysis. List all Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Capitalizing on strengths. Reducing (eliminating?) the weaknesses. Transform the opportunities into success stories. Protect and eliminate threats.

Communicating about food security : 

Communicating about food security The Why The What The How The How Much The When To whom

Last but not least : 

Last but not least In order to develop food production, the people involved must be able to make a decent living from it. Money is a powerful motivator.

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