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7 Tips from Executive Career Coach and Mentor on how to prepare for and land a job in this tough market. Visit for additional tips and free newsletter on job search


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7 Steps to Job Search Success : 

7 Steps to Job Search Success Brought to you by

Seven Steps to A Job : 

Seven Steps to A Job Resume – reviewers spend less than 30 seconds to reach a quick first impression First 3 lines are critically important The right buzz words in the right context Is your resume authentic and verifiable? Job Interview Documents It takes more than just a good resume Cover letter, skills documents, action plan Goal and Time Management Goal setting, goal management, and effective time management

Seven Steps to A Job (continued) : 

Seven Steps to A Job (continued) Web 2.0 Presence Be sure your profile is up on Top 50 web 2.0 sites If possible have your web page (subtle) Link to/from web page to profile pages Social networking and social bookmarking sites Interview prep Interviwers look for who is more hungry You can’t fake it Solid research on industry, company, organization, manager Action plan Be clear about your needs Skills Refresher Etiquette, communications, email, handshake, posture, dress, negotiation

Seven Steps to A Job (continued) : 

Seven Steps to A Job (continued) Networking Friends, family, former colleagues Networking events, hundreds in each metro area Electronic networking – LinkedIn, Facebook, … Blogging File, photo, video sharing sites Fundamentals Manage your Job prospects funnel Sweat the details Stay positive Make a sincere daily effort Ask for help, it doesn’t always cost $$

We can help! : 

We can help! Visit our website for FREE resources & also sign up for our FREE newsletter to receive valuable tips on jobs. Small fee-based services: Complete executive resume development from just $99. Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Connect with our pool of recruiters and career coaches for feedback on your resume . We can help on all 7 steps of your job search If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail

Nearly forgot! : 

Nearly forgot! Keep the faith! Each one of us was sent here for a purpose. Remember, the sage words, when going through change in your life: “What the caterpillar calls death, the butterfly calls life” Future state! Now

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