How to Choose the Right Cowhide Rug for My Home

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How to Choose the Right Cowhide Rug for My Home Thursday August 13 2015 7:53:37 AM America/Chicago Cowhide Rugs A cowhide rug can be a great addition to any room of your home. Choosing the right one for your space comes down to a number of different factors including what style you are trying to achieve and how much you want to spend on cowhide rugs. With a wide variety to choose from in a range of colors shapes and sizes it is not difficult to find a great rug. It can be difficult to actually narrow down your choices and pick just one. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect cowhide rugs for your home. Benefits of Choosing Cowhide Rugs There is nothing better than a high-quality beautiful cowhide rug for your living room study office or bedroom. Because they are available in a range of sizes and natural colors it’s easy to find one that will match your décor. While there are some benefits to choose a faux rug they simply cannot compare in quality texture or style to real cowhide rugs. 1 / 3

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The natural beauty of real cowhide cannot be beat by any imitator . What truly makes a cowhide special is how unique the pattern is. Even a set of twin cows will have slightly different patterning colors fur texture and fur length. When you buy a real cowhide rug you get a completely unique rug perfect for your space. Another big benefit of choosing real cowhide rugs is their durability. There is perhaps no natural material more durable than leather. Cowhide has a reputation for being extremely durable almost indestructible. They survive dogs that chew dirt and high traffic areas with grace and style. Despite being so tough they are also soft and pliable to the touch. Cowhide rugs are relatively easy to maintain. Like any rug it will eventually collect dirt and stains most of which can be cleaned using only a damp rag. To return the fur of the coat to its original fluff all you have to do is give the rug a good shake. These rugs are also completely natural. Unlike fake cowhides or just about any type of rug made even from natural materials these rugs need no chemical dyes. Naturally hypoallergenic and free of fragrances you really cannot get a more natural rug for your home than a real cowhide rug. A cowhide rug adds character to any room. There are few rugs that can make as loud or as sophisticated a statement as a beautiful rich cowhide either on the wall or on the floor. These rugs are a great way to add charm and beauty to any room of your home. How to Select the Right Size and Shape When it comes times to pick a cowhide rug you need to figure out what size will fit in your space. The size of these rugs depends largely on the size of the animal but you can usually find the average size of the rugs on the outlet’s website. This information should help you pick a rug that is sure to fit in your space. Before ordering make sure to measure the room and the space where you want your rug to fit. This will allow you to make sure that the hide you want to purchase is neither too large nor too small for your room. Hair Length When purchasing natural cowhide rugs you will likely have little control over how long the hair of the rug is. Different breeds of cows will have different lengths of hair but the difference in hair length is usually not significant enough that you will notice when the rug itself is laid out in your home. Choosing Color and Markings One of the most difficult aspects of choosing the right cowhide rug for your home is selecting the color and pattern that will best match your décor. There is a huge variety of colors and marking patterns to choose from. Spotted – A spotted rug can lend Western flair to just about any room. This is perhaps the most traditional pattern and is available in a range of different colors. A tricolor spotted like this cowhide rug is a very popular choice for those who want to add a hint of the range to their space. Brindle – Brindle rugs like this one come in a variety of colors all with the stripy patchy pattern. Both light and dark varieties are popular and will look very sophisticated in a living room or office. Speckled – Unlike spotted hides which will have very defined patches of each color speckled hides will have an all-over dappling pattern. These have a very unique look and can work well in both western-style and modern-style homes. Stenciled and Acid Wash – Aside from the natural colors and marking patterns you can also find a number of 2 / 3

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Stenciled and Acid Wash – Aside from the natural colors and marking patterns you can also find a number of specialty rugs. Stenciled hides have all of the same benefits as un-stenciled hides but allow you achieve a more exotic look. Acid washing the hides makes it possible to add color to the hide. Silver or gold acid wash hides can give a room a sophisticated appearance. Finding a hide that matches the color and style of your room will simply be a matter of browsing our store and finding the hides that work for your space. The wide variety of both natural and artificial colors and patterns means that just about anyone can find cowhide rugs for their homes 3 / 3

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