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SJSU Library Science Graduate Presentation on the sub genre, Graphic novel Memoirs. This presentation is for the Materials for Young Adults class.


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Graphic Novel Memoirs & Teens:

Graphic Novel Memoirs & Teens A Presentation by Courtney Klein MLIS SJSU, Fall 2014

What are graphic novel memoirs?:

What are graphic novel memoirs? Will Eisner defines a graphic novel as: “A form of sequential art, often in the form of a strip or book, in which images and text are arranged to tell a story” ( Pagliaro , 2014) . A graphic novel memoir tells the story of a significant part of the author’s life


history First graphic novel is considered to be Will Eisner’s A Contract with God , published in 1978 In 2002, Weiner identified six graphic novel genres In 2007, Pawuk defined nine more graphic novel genres Graphic novel memoirs have been the latest genre to come out and be identified ( Pinkley & Casey, 2013)

The struggle of the graphic novel:

The struggle of the graphic novel Graphic novels have struggled with being recognized as a medium with literary value Graphic novels have been criticized for many things, including: “depicting violence and sexual themes, being a forum for male power fantasies and contributing to the delinquency of American youth” ( Pinkley & Casey, 2013) Library opposition to physical quality Graphic novel memoirs have gained the genre more respect

Elements of Writing & Visual Style:

Elements of Writing & Visual Style Splash pages Types of panels Word Balloons Captions Location of action Depth of Field Point of View Succinct & Dramatic Vocabulary Dialogue Gestural & Nonverbal Communication (Hughes, et. al., 2011)

Why is this medium good for teens?:

Why is this medium good for teens? Graphic novel narratives can help teens discuss: “Multifaceted range of human experience” (Hughes, et. al., 2011) Different cultures Social & emotional adjustments: i.e., making friends, dealing with conflict, puberty Immigrant experiences Tough Topics: depression, love and break-ups, coming out, abuse Different type of reading “Reminiscent of screenplays and film” (Hughes, et. al., 2011) Popular culture appeal=entices reluctant readers

Circ. stats don’t lie:

Circ. stats don’t lie Cuyahoga County Public Library in Ohio reports that in 2011, graphic novels made up 10% of the collection and 35% of circulation Columbia University librarian Karen Green says “Graphic novels are the most frequently requested material in our Ivy League request system” School media specialist Esther Keller from Marine Park, Brooklyn, says graphic novels makes up 3% of the collection and 30% of circulation -(Macdonald, 2013)

Obvious Must-reads:

Obvious Must-reads Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi Maus by Art Spiegelman American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang Blankets by Craig Thompson Smile by Raina Telgemeier

New recommendations for 2014:

New recommendations for 2014

Thank you!:

Thank you!


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