Are you in need an Engine Repair Service for your Vehicle?


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Need Quality Engine Repair? Let our Auto Experts help you to fix all engine issues. We're located at 14205 West 62nd Street in Eden Prairie, MN 55346. Call 952-934-0931


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Choose “Courtney Truck Service” As Your Trusted Engine Repair Shop near Eden Prairie, MN:

Choose “Courtney Truck Service” As Your Trusted Engine Repair Shop near Eden Prairie, MN Visit Our Official Website: “Celebrating Over 30 Years of Auto & Truck Repair Service near Eden Prairie, MN”


What Do You Mean by Engine Diagnostics Test? The check engine light may come on at any time, and you may ask your mechanic to plug your car into a special diagnostic Test. The computer produces a code that may be interpreted by the auto mechanic , and they will tell you which codes must be fixed. There are some different codes that may be repaired with a new fuse, new wiring or a service to the electrical cluster. How Often Should You Service your Engine? You should service your engine at least once in a year. If your vehicle may be in poor condition after a hard season of driving, and you will notice the car is worn down by extreme cold temperatures. Take your vehicle to your mechanic to decide which parts of the vehicle must be repaired before you take a long drive. Cold driving is difficult when the engine block is too cold, and summer driving is rough on the vehicle when your brakes or tires are too hot . Schedule Routine Engine Service: You may schedule appointments for your vehicle at every months, and each new appointment will allow small repairs that are not out of hand. You may schedule the appointments on your calendar, and your vehicle will last quite a long time because its auto service record has been maintained. Let’s Speak with our Certified Auto Technicians by Calling on: 952-934-0931 How to Keep your Car in Proper Condition With Regular Engine Service?


Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Certified Engine Shop ! “Courtney Truck Service”- Engine Service Shop Address : 14205 W 62nd St, Eden Prairie, MN 55346. Phone : 952-934-0931 Website : Email ID: “Like us” on Facebook Page “Follow us” on Twitter “Follow us” on Google+ “Review us” on Yelp “Subscribe our” Car Care Tips Blog Try Our New Mobile App to Manage Your Vehicle’s Engine:

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