Chinese Folk Dance-The Lion Dance

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Chinese Folk Dance: The Lion Dance:

Chinese Folk Dance: The Lion Dance Courtney Chan Dance in World Cultures DA 102, section #80 Joan Walton

Plan of action:

Plan of action What is the Lion Dance? When is this dance performed? What kind of setting is this dance performed in? Music and Costumes What is the role of the performers ? The relationship between Chinese culture and the Lion dance? C ultural background Acts of symbolism Myths of Origin

The Lion Dance:

The Lion Dance What is it? When is it performed?

Elements of the dance:

Elements of the dance How many performers are there? What were traditional performances like? Music? Costumes?

The relationship between Chinese culture and the Lion dance:

The relationship between Chinese culture and the Lion dance The two share a strong connection due to many reasons… The Lion Dance serves as a essential component for one of the biggest holidays in Chinese culture Chinese guardian statues Lion dance reflects culture through art, unity, honor/respect, and religious values

Cultural Background:

Cultural Background In this day and age, it can be difficult for traditional dances to stay true to their traditional foundation Possibility of losing authenticity Dance movements evolve The overall appearance of the dance can become altered

Symbolic Representation:

Symbolic Representation The Lion Dance is built up with various forms of symbolism… Eating of the lettuce Firecrackers Traditional protocols

Origin of the Lion Dance:

Origin of the Lion Dance Northern China Southern China Myths

Sum things up…:

Sum things up… T he Lion dance serves as a prime representation of what Chinese Culture is like, especially in regard to the various portrayals of historic symbolism . The Lion dance has the ability to reveal different aspects of Chinese culture other than just dance, such as cultural beliefs, superstitions, and traditions . The Lion dance serves as an honorable representation to one of the biggest holidays in Chinese culture.

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