Lowe’s Home Improvement

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Lowe’s Home Improvement :

Lowe’s Home Improvement By: Courtney Brown

Overview :

Overview About Career Opportunities Working for Lowe’s More information


About Founded in 1946 Headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina 2,300 stores 285k Employees Forbe’s Happiest Retailer


About 2 nd largest home improvement retailer Hardware, appliances, tools and more

Career Opportunities:

Career Opportunities Types of Jobs Corporate Retail Distribution City Stores Majors of Interest Industrial Engineering Sustainable Materials and Technology Interior Design Business Information Technology And more!!

Working for Lowe’s:

Working for Lowe’s Benefits- flexible hours, 401k, health care, learning and development programs Corporate Social Responsibility Community Involvement

More Information :

More Information General Information http ://careers.lowes.com/about-us/ Students and Interns http://careers.lowes.com/students-grads/

Works Cited :

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