Cuenca Ecuador - 8 Things to Count On


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You can visit the far-off, exotic places in Spanish-speaking countries and improve your experiences by just speaking their native language. Join a Cuenca Spanish School and you will appreciate every moment after that. We are one of the leading Spanish Schools in Cuenca Ecuador with professional trainers and friendly environment. Contact us to know more.


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Cuenca Ecuador - 8 Things to Count On

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1. Sampere Cuenca is part of the international Organization Estudio Sampere founded in Madrid in 1956. 2. The School was founded in Cuenca in 1995 by Alberto and Juan Manuel Sampere, and EIS, together with Gerardo Martínez . 3. Since then we have received more than six thousand students from all the regions in the world. 4. Sampere Cuenca has been recognized as the best Spanish School in Ecuador and amongst the top in Latin America and the world. 5. Students can live with a local family and develop a lifetime relationship with them.  6. You can opt for volunteer work with homeless children and orphans, imprisioned mothers or rehab institutions. 7. Our comprehensive weekly activity program will put you in touch with local culture. 8. Individualized attention in small groups make learning Spanish easier.

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