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Powerpoint Templates SEO 101: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

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Search engines are the primary source for making/ breaking your website. This is because they control majority of incoming traffic to your website.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the strategic tool used by Internet Marketeers globally to optimize their web pages or websites for search engines.

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A high ranking website is sure to get a potential target’s attention, increasing the chances of a visit to your website and eventually a sale.

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This course which will introduce you to SEO tools, techniques and strategies which will take your product or organization to global platform.

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This course is designed to benefit Entrepreneurs, Internet marketing specialists and Web Designers - people in charge of revenues and sales for businesses with Internet presence

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You will learn all the tools used by SEO specialists in a simple, easy to understand manner - attempt is made to stay away from excessive jargonism

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Experience high quality learning at cost-effective prices from an experienced practitioner

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Understand how search engines, primarily Google works Learn how different factors affect your website being listed in search engines Make your website rank higher on Google and other search engines

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