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DevOps Connection with Agile covers need of DevOps in Organization, Acceptance of DevOps in Organization, Shortage of DevOps Experts, Where DevOps fits into the SDLC? To know more about DevOps Course visit or visit Courseing Online Training


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Highlights DevOps Connection with Agile Need of DevOps in Organization  Acceptance of DevOps in Organization Shortage of DevOps Experts Where DevOps fits into the SDLC?

DevOps Connection with Agile:

DevOps Connection with Agile DevOps describes the foundational and operational aspects of producing software. Agile is a set of principles about how to develop software. DevOps and Agile both combinedly set up faster production working functionality. It is an evolution of Agile  It also considered as subset of Agile or vice-versa. It is a key enabler for enterprise agility.

Need of DevOps in Organization:

Need of DevOps in Organization DevOps enables continuous software delivery Solves complex problems and gives faster resolution of problems.  Provides better information security, better collaboration and performance. Provides measurable and non-measurable results. Reduces rework and remediation security issues costs less.  Even small organizations can adopt DevOps to achieve high performance levels and meet business goals.

Acceptance of DevOps in Organization:

Acceptance of DevOps in Organization DevOps helps organizations accelerate application delivery. DevOps approach makes development and operations work together . DevOps tools automate the development process and gives continuous performance monitoring. Reduces the complexity of version control, configuration management, continuous integration, deployment. Improves the speed and quality of software delivery.

Shortage of DevOps Experts:

Shortage of DevOps Experts Companies require DevOps engineers to automate and continuous deployment. Organizations are struggling to adopt DevOps due to a lack of skilled developers. Adopting DevOps newly into existing organizational structure would be difficult. It requires mindful planning to handle new technology & tools. Developers and designers lack preventing organizations to setup DevOps teams. Adopting DevOps involves risk and skilled developers are costly.

Where DevOps fits into the SDLC?:

Where DevOps fits into the SDLC? SDLC stands for Software Delivery Life Cycle. In Traditional model developers can not work until operators checks the product and vice-versa. Devops fill the gap between Developers and Operations team. Both work together. DevOps planning requires few workers where traditional model is opposite. DevOps schedules decentralizes and continues. Turns a high risk events of a software release to a non event.


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