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DevOps Importance Training Online covers Importance of DevOps, DevOps Working Environment, DevOps Terminologies, and DevOps Tools, Configuration Management Vs DevOps.To know more about DevOps Course visit or visit Courseing Online Training


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Importance of DevOps:

Importance of DevOps DevOps is an agile extension, enables software development and testing to work simultaneously which is not possible in traditional development.  Responds very fast to market alterations to gain rapid business growth. Great approach for quick development and deployment of applications. Increase business profits by reducing the software delivery time, transaction cost. Gives Clarity, Consistency and Collaboration to understand the changes required in customer environments.

DevOps Working Environment :

DevOps Working Environment In the Picture you can see the DevOps working environment. DevOps provides collaborative work simultaneous environment for software developing team(Dev), IT operations team(Ops) with Quality Assurance to meet business goals.

DevOps Terminologies:

DevOps Terminologies Dev Team has following Terminologies Plan Create Verify Release Ops Team has Following Terms Configure Monitor(Test) Source: Wikipedia

DevOps Terminologies:

DevOps Terminologies .

DevOps Tools:

DevOps Tools DevOps tools support automation and collaboration between teams. Major DevOps tools are as follows Docker: It is an open-source application container engine. Ansible: Use to deploy applications and systems faster and easier. Kubernetes: Manages containerized applications across multiple hosts, providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications. Atlas: Provides visibility into infrastructure, servers, containers & virtual machines.

DevOps Tools:

DevOps Tools 4. Chef: It is a cloud infrastructure framework that automates the building, deploying, and management of infrastructure. Puppet: offers data center orchestration by automating configuration and management of machines and software. Git: Use for Source Control Management could that support distributed systems. Jenkins: Used to build codes, create docker containers, run tests, and push to staging and production.

Configuration Management Vs DevOps:

Configuration Management Vs DevOps Configuration management is a class of puppet, chef, ansible tools. It standardizes resource configurations and enforce automated IT infrastructure. There is not much difference between DevOps and Configuration management, both are responsible for following Establishing development infrastructure Providing Quality Assurance of development processes. Responsible for delivering products to customer/client in time.


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