Trend Alert: 6 Biggest Outdoor Home Decor Trends for 2019


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Outdoor home decor trends always remain changing from year to year, decades to decades. Here are some mind-blowing & trendy outdoor home decor ideas that will give the ultimate look to your home.


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Table of Content 01 Bold Wallpapers 02 Lanterns or Lamps 03 Mixed Metals in the Kitchen 04 Ceilings of High-end Designs 05 Pastels are in Trend 06 Fire Features


Everyone wants to make its home beautiful with cutting-edge home decor. There are thousands of ways to layer your room with just a couple of trends to transform it from ordinary to striking. This year is going to be the biggest year for home decor. This year will the revolutionary year. In the presentation throws the light on 6 biggest outdoor home decor trends for 2019. An Overview


1. Bold Wallpapers

Bold Wallpapers:

Bold Wallpapers Loud color, bold and textured wallpaper behind headboard makes your room wall more elegant. There are various types of stylish wallpapers you can use to furnish your room from Half Price Drapes . These reflect the better sense of cohesiveness but you should avoid overdoing it.


2. Lanterns or Lamps


Lanterns or Lamps You can give your room thematic look with organic lanterns or lamps. Many furniture companies are showcasing new, lighter finishes for wood items like on the dining table. You can use rice paper lanterns to add beauty to your room.


3 . Mixed Metals in the Kitchen


Mixed Metals in the Kitchen You can use faucet matching metal hardware in the kitchen & light fixture finishes makes it awesome and fabulous look to your kitchen. Metal tap, gas stove, metal chair, etc kitchen products made of metal, you can use to quench your thirst.


4. Ceilings of High-end Designs

Ceilings of High-end Designs:

Ceilings of High-end Designs High-end ceiling designs make the home attractive and luxurious. These help to put life into the lifeless house and its rooms. There are different types of ceilings like Conventional, Suspended, Tray, Coffered and Cathedral.


5 . Pastels are in Trend

Pastels are in Trend:

Pastels are in Trend If you want to see the biggest trends of 2019 across interiors, fashion & furnishings, these are the pastels that will blow your mind. Pastels have deep variations of the same color, coral hues brightening up palettes and interiors providing a fresher and lighter approach to color.


6 . Fire Features


Fire-related features add beauty to a home that didn’t come with a fully equipped patio fireplace. This rustic iron one will lend a sculptural finish to even the tiniest of backyards. Fire Features

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