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What to See in Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh / Saigon https://www.countrysidediscovery.com/

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https://www.countrysidediscovery.com/ Ho Chi Minh / Saigon It is a city where hundreds of things happen at the same time and something as simple as crossing the street here becomes an extreme adventure. If you manage to cross the street in Ho Chi Minh you can do it anywhere in the world. In addition to this type of adventure, the city is full of museums, memorials and history regarding the war.

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What to see in Vietnam - Mui Ne https://www.countrysidediscovery.com/ If you are a bit adventurous then you should visit this city, you can mainly enjoy two things. Sand dunes where you can rent ATVs or slide in them but if you like another kind of adventure then you can learn or practice Windsurf or Kite surf. Due to its geographical location, this place is one of the world capitals of windsurfing due to the perfect mix between sea and intense winds. You can see hundreds of people practicing along the way and several schools where to learn.

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https://www.countrysidediscovery.com/ Hue is one of the must see places in Vietnam. Its imperial city is very well preserved but what make it worthwhile are the tombs of the ancient emperors. These are not close to the city so to get to them you will have to rent a motorcycle, bicycle or hire a tour. In my case I rented a bicycle and I do not recommend it unless you are in very good physical condition otherwise you will end up pedaling an old bicycle of only two speeds in streets so steep that it will be easier to go down and walk than to pedal. Opt for the motorcycle or the guided tour in Hue. What to see in Vietnam - Hue

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Kayaking Vietnam is one of best activity that you can enjoy in Vietnam. There are many destinations at Vietnam where one can enjoy Kayaking. Kayaking Vietnam https://www.countrysidediscovery.com /

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https://www.countrysidediscovery.com/ I think of all the cities that I visited Hoi An was my favorite. This city has a unique charm, it is also an excellent place to buy clothes made to order. The specialty of the place is the tailoring, so you can buy shirts, pants, jackets, full suits or whatever you want done at the time. The prices are very good and with excellent quality. If you're like me and buying clothes is not your favorite thing to do then you can walk around the city, its historic center is small but charming and each night is illuminated with the hundreds of paper lanterns you'll see around the city. What to see in Vietnam - Hoi An

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Another advantage is that you can take an excursion to visit the famous Marble Mountains where you can appreciate several temples and sanctuaries in or around the mountain. In addition to tailors, mountains and paper lanterns, Hoi An's food is absolutely delicious, it was my favorite of all Vietnam.   Elsewhere in Vietnam you will find specific dishes such as an Egg Coffee in Hanoi or a delicious Bun Bo in Ho Chi Minh, but each Hoi An dish is a masterpiece. https://www.countrysidediscovery.com/ Marble Mountain

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Countryside Adventures #35/17/15C, Street 04, Truong Tho ward, Ho Chi Minh Thu Duc Vietnam 700000 info@countrysidediscovery.com Ph no: 84 2837 223 543 84 907 73 99 73 https://www.countrysidediscovery.com/ https://www.facebook.com/countrysidebiketours https://twitter.com/mekongadventure https://www.linkedin.com/in/countrysideadventures/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/countrysideadventure /

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