Proposed Cosmetic Surgery Tax will Drive Business for Colombia


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Cosmetic Harmony: “Proposed Cosmetic Surgery Tax will Drive a Huge Surge in Business for Colombia, says,” Cosmetic Harmony

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Cosmetic Harmony: Obama aide has, recently, proposed the Cosmetic surgery tax to finance health care reform. It is believed that rich Americans can afford to pay extra taxes on their cosmetic surgery procedures to fund for the treatment of those Americans who cannot afford basic healthcare. $10.3 billion were spent by Americans last year on cosmetic surgeries. A 10% tax is what is being planned to impose on cosmetic treatments performed in U.S. On a special gathering, Anthony Giudice Vice President of Sales of a leading medical tourism company in Colombia, Cosmetic Harmony, discusses, “the higher prices of U.S cosmetic surgery treatments were giving us a competitive edge over them and now an extra tax levied upon the treatment cost will further give us more business. This proposal will surely give a huge market for cosmetic surgery companies outside the U.S.A”.

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Cosmetic Harmony: Cosmetic Harmony is a Colombia based company that provides all sorts of cosmetic procedures at a price which is much lower than that of U.S. Now, a tax on cosmetic surgery procedures in U.S has given us an added advantage to attract more number of patients. According to Malcolm Roth, a vice president at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the patients will find new destinations to get their treatment done as most of them earn less than $100,000 a year. The most preferred ones will be Colombia and Brazil as they provide first-class medical facilities with highly qualified doctors.

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Cosmetic Harmony: One of the patients who wanted to go for a cosmetic surgery treatment says, “I cannot pay an extra tax on a price which is anyways very high. The better option would be to travel to Colombia where they will provide the same treatment with a price much lower and affordable to my pocket.” Save Your Dollars by saving Tax Payments

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Cosmetic Harmony: Colombia is a famous medical tourism destination as the labor cost is very low, priority is given to the patients from other countries, and excellent healthcare facilities are provided by hospitals giving patients the convenience to travel and also simultaneously treat themselves. They charge less prices and offer many attractive packages. There will be a huge market for Cosmetic Surgery procedures outside U.S.A as they have a great opportunity to play with the low-cost strategy.

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Cosmetic Harmony: Cosmetic Harmony, headquartered in Colombia, is a medical tourism company which specializes in the complete cosmetic surgery packages, including cosmetic procedures, travel, accommodations, transportation to medical appointments, a bilingual personal assistant and medications. Cosmetic Harmony prides itself of continuity of care and a personalized experience. Cosmetic Harmony uses only FDA-approved materials. For more information on Cosmetic Harmony’s Combo Procedures, visit Cosmetic Harmony's Affiliate program, Contact: Anthony Giudice, Sales Supervisor 305.726.0527

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