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Supply chain process systems as well as infrastructure are indispensable for any business enterprises around. However, the best automated systems have their respective limitations.


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The Essence of Supply Chain Process Mining Supply chain process systems as well as infrastructure are indispensable for any business enterprises around. However the best automated systems have their respective limitations. In each process a time comes when technology stops and manual labor starts. But use of cutting-edge technologies helps optimization of entire end-to-end process and it includes the manually executed parts and that is why supply chain process mining has assumed significant importance in determination of ideal process model for any business. Benefits of Supply Chain Process Mining One of the major benefits of using supply chain process mining is optimization of the process of supply chain and expediting the delivery of the materials so that the production and distribution in the enterprise remains unaffected. Today most of the enterprises are using the process mining techniques for supply chain management. Of course the systems are not self-sufficient for extraction of higher and better performances. But at the same time these processes help in plugging the gaps and rectifying the errors that exist in the manual handling of the supply chain management systems. Moreover systems like the

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Enterprise Resource Planning ERP and Advanced Planning and Scheduling APS are both standalone in nature and manual processes fail to address the issues involved and that has helped growth of supply chain management process mining to get the best model. Enhancement of Supply Chain Efficiency to Ensure Growth of the Enterprise Process knowledge gaps that exist between different systems and known as the white space involve various units and functional processes in the enterprise. Industry leaders therefore use process intelligence tools in order to ensure better understanding of the operations inventory supply needs as well as requirements of the enterprise. Use of supply chain process mining helps in introducing complete transparency in the supply chain management process in an enterprise. In result the growth of the enterprise is also ensured. How it Works Any process mining technology and that includes the supply chain management process mining pools process data from logistics procurements as well as mobile technologies including the use of process intelligence so as to find out winning process models that can help in enhancement of the procurements and order management systems. Essence of the entire process is optimization of supply chain with the use of effective process intelligence. A timely approach to inventory and shipping strategies focused on expedited delivery of the products and services. In addition the benefit of the system is reduction of risks as well as maintenance of the security of supply chain. Process Mining for Analyzing Digital Footprints Often the process mining systems are used for analyzing digital footprints from different angles of information technology. Introduction of complete transparency in assessing the working of real life happenings is the motto. Use of process intelligence software can improve processes by automatically viewing the real life process flow that is based on data exceptions experienced revealing delays and removal of bottlenecks and all these are most pertinent for effective management of supply chain systems. While supply chain process mining is indispensable for any enterprise it is also necessary entrusting the task to a reliable and reputable agency that can deliver results and deal with complete transparency with the client. Call us on: 0845 057 4155 E-mail: Corporate Insight Solutions Ltd 180 Piccadilly London W1J 9HF Website URL:

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