Don't let your dreams fall asleep

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Don’t let your dreams fall asleep:

Don’t let your dreams fall asleep

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YOU Are smart & successful

All smart & successful people have a SIN :

All smart & successful people have a SIN We grow SATISFIED with what we do & who we are


We… Transforming ourselves Improving ourselves



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How much time do you spend DREAMING, paying attention to your dreams?

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How much of your day is spent towards achieving those dreams?

The value of dreams:

The value of dreams Dreams trump reality Dreams are the basis for everything amazing we achieve in our lives Dreams are what set apart the biggest achievers in live

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How do we awake our dreams? How do we take the first step?

The problem:

The problem Busy lives Distractions Work Tiredness Other people Excuses Not today ... I’ll do it tomorrow ... maybe next week ... m aybe next month... ... ...

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The reasons why dreams fall asleep are NEVER going away

What gets in the way?:

What gets in the way? Ourselves Other things we want to do Other people’s needs & expectations “ It is not in my DNA . I am not genetically predisposed to doing great work.”

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Only you can keep your dreams awake


Dreams Don’t require someone to give you permission Are an active part of your life Must be fed daily Require real, steady progress Must be valued as THE FUTURE

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You need:

You need THE RIGHT Mental framework Environment Approach

The right mental framework:

The right mental framework Make a conscious choice Prioritise it Cut out the time wasters Don’t wait for the perfect time 

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Do you want to dream it or live it ?

The right environment:

The right environment Negotiate with those around you If you can’t motivate yourself find a motivator Remove distractions Know yourself 

The right approach:

The right approach 


Remember “ All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them ” Walt Disney

How to help:

How to help Read the book Review it Share how well it worked Share what you have learned DreamIt.DoIt.LiveIt

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