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Call us for mechanical services, electrical installation, plumbing services, fire protection design and MEP design consultancy services in the Cayman Islands. Know more: https://www.corporate-electric.ky/services/mepf-design-and-consultancy-services-in-cayman-islands/


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www.corporate-electric.ky info@corporate-electric.ky Welcome t o Corporate Electric Corporate Electric Ltd. is an electrical contractor operating in the Cayman Islands . We are a repeat service provider for many corporate, commercial, industrial, utility and residential customers in Cayman Islands. The increasing demand for residential home automation has led to high demand of electrical proficiency in the Cayman Islands. We use our expertise to design and install automatic home automation systems which includes gate openers and garage door openers. Our commitment is to provide excellent customer value through professionalism, integrity and superior electrical services in the Cayman Islands.

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Corporate Electric Services Lutron Lighting Controls MEPF Design Generators Electrical Fire Lightning Protection Home - Office Automation Data & Communications Renewable Enegry UPS In Cayman Surge Suppression Door Operators www.corporate-electric.ky info@corporate-electric.ky

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MEPF D esign S ervices Corporate Electric is a provider of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection (MEPF) and sustainable engineering design and consultancy services. We provide design services for new construction as well as building renovation and rehabilitation projects and are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service to each and every client. We frequently work with project stakeholders including building owners, architects, civil engineers and designer/builders. We use our in-house team of qualified designers utilizing computer-aided design technology to generate cost-effective engineering solutions meeting client requirements. We are experienced in all phases of MEPF systems design, from initial feasibility through construction support and final commissioning services, as well as providing on-going service support. www.corporate-electric.ky info@corporate-electric.ky

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L ightning P rotection D esign Corporate Electric has the expertise to help protect your building and equipment from the damage that can be caused by lightning. Professional Lightning protection design in the Cayman Islands is required to ensure that high levels of electricity caused by lightning strikes are dissipated to earth ensuring the continued functioning of equipment while protecting of the building and the people inside. www.corporate-electric.ky info@corporate-electric.ky

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Contact Us 77 Kingbird Drive PO Box 1047 Grand Cayman KY1-1102 Cayman Islands (345) 946-2277 (345) 926-2277 24 Hour Service (345) 946-2292 www.corporate-electric.ky info@corporate-electric.ky

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