Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro : 

By Mr. Curtiss Mount Kilimanjaro

Where is this glorious Mount? : 

Where is this glorious Mount? Mount Kilimanjaro is on the southeast border of Kenya and the northern border of Tanzania. It is the tallest mountain in Africa rising some 19,341 feet. Formation of the mountain?

Formation : 

Formation Folk story: There was a disagreement between to tribes The Gods of the two tribes escalated the disagreement and as a result, the mountain blew up. The “logical” story: Lava protruding from the rift valley began the formation of the mountain millions of years ago There is a “saddle” between the summit and its neighboring peak. That neighboring peak it actually the original peak of Mount Kilimanjaro that blew off in the initial blast.

The “Saddle” of Kilimanjaro : 

The “Saddle” of Kilimanjaro The peak to the right is the original peak of Mount Kilimanjaro before it erupted.

The Rift Valley : 

The Rift Valley

Mountain or Volcano? : 

Mountain or Volcano? Mount Kilimanjaro is a volcano A stratovolcano to be precise. What characterizes a stratovolcano? Good question...

Stratovolcano : 

Stratovolcano Explosive eruptions The lava emitted often hardens before traveling too far Stratovolcanoes are often referred to as “composite volcanoes” This simply means that the volcano is comprised of many different layers of volcanic ash and hardened lava. Is this thing going to blow up?

Yes, more than likely. : 

Yes, more than likely. When? Last eruption dates back around 360,000 years ago Also, there is liquid hot magma only 400 meters below the summit crater.

The Ascent... : 

The Ascent... 3 days to climb 2 days to come down Can’t climb while the sun is shining Snow blindness Extremely cold temperatures But the blazing sun makes you think it is hot Must climb the last stage at night Get to the rim at dawn 11 made the trip – 3 made it to the top Altitude sickness: feel like you have the flu

Changes to the Mountain : 

Changes to the Mountain The rapidly changing climate is melting the ice away from the top of the mountain The glaciers have declined 82% since 1912 Social Effects: Tourists attempting the trek to the top of the summit trashing the trails Improper packing and unpacking techniques

At the top... : 

At the top... Once on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, one can see Mount Kenya which is north of Nairobi some 600 km (372 miles) away.

Why live next to a Volcano? : 

Why live next to a Volcano? Pending doom at your doorstep Dormant, yes. But for how long?

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Majestic. I know

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