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Corkcho presents the World with environmentally friendly options, hence adding to a healthy and balanced and also well balanced partnership with nature to the sustainability as well as welfare of future generations. We make cork applications for a wide range of purposes. We guide our technical work in order to respond the needs of your business area. Some examples: Food Products, Fishing Articles, Cosmetics, Olive oil, Vinegar. We make cork products Portugal and applications for a wide range of purposes. A High-Quality Portuguese Cork Products which is Wine cork Stoppers, cork toys, Bags, cork suppliers, cork crafts, cork materials, etc.


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CORK COLOR STOPERS Attractive color and look of 100 natural cork stoppers.

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HAND MADE CRAFTING CORK A great and environmentally friendly idea to make crafts Cork contains a variety of different shapes and sizes for your creative projects.

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CORK SYNTHETIC Unbeatable collection with the best design of synthetic unique and awesome.

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CORK CANDLE STICK Cork candle stick- The best product for your home decoration with awesome quality.

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CORK COASTER A new and very unique collection of natural cork coaster.

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PVC Capsules Sparking Capsules Aluminium Capsules

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CORK BALL Harmless and light weighted cork ball available in different sizes. Protected: Aggl. Cork Balls 63.5mm Samples with Logo RAW

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CORK BAGS According to your choice design and shape of cork bags available

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CORK CONICAL Made by the natural oak tree and also required in Portugal.

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CORK CAPACHKI Capachki is very demanding product and made for long-term uses.

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CORK TAPI OCET DOZATOR Eco-friendly and made by oak tree cork product.

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