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Coriander Restaurant is one of the best Indian restaurants in Manchester, serves the finest, most authentic Indian & Bangla foods. For reservations, email us at or call 0161 8810340, 0161 8817750


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2/14/2019 Best Places to Eat in Manchester- Indian Food in Manchester 1/5 BEST PLACES TO EAT IN MANCHESTER Best Places to Eat in Manchester places-eat-manchester/ By admin Category: Latest Cuisine Comments: No comment manchester/respond Tags: manchester.jpgWe love making and eating delicious Indian Bangladeshi curries here at Coriander Restaurant and we all know that you really enjoy them too Indian food has always been in the spotlight. We simply offer delicious Indian food and as you love curry so much that we’ve decided to pull together some research about Indian food and curries. 04 Dec 2018 Follow us      0161 8810340 / 8817750

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2/14/2019 Best Places to Eat in Manchester- Indian Food in Manchester 2/5 1. Research carried out by the Kingfisher found that Britain’s favourite curry is a korma – which just beat tikka masala to be crowned the nation’s most popular curry 2. Generally British people spend a staggering £30000 each on curry during their lifetime according to research by Sainsbury’s. In total it’s thought that the British spend a whopping £3.5 billion on curry every year. 3. It is estimated there are 10000 curry houses in Britain – accounting for two thirds of our takeaway restaurants 4. It is thought that humans have been cooking up curries for a very long time – as long as 4000 years in fact. 5. Whilst humans have been cooking curry for thousands of years it wasn’t until 1747 that a curry recipe appeared in an English cookbook. The recipe was included in Hannah Glasse’s ‘The Art of Cookery made Plain and Simple’ and included spices such as turmeric and ginger. Manchester’s food and drink culture is thriving. With many restaurants bars gastropubs microbreweries and cafes opening weekly the city is establishing itself as one of the UK’s most exciting foodie destinations. At Coriander Restaurant we offer a number of wide varieties of different dishes originally from India and Bangladesh. We do offer online ordering system as well where you can order online and come for collection at the restaurant. Bangladeshi Cuisine is a culinary art that has been passed down to generations it has blend of delicious and fragrant spices that will keep you coming back to Coriander restaurant Manchester. Bangla people mainly love fish lentils and vegetables and a classic Bangladeshi Cuisine consists of mutton chicken fish and eggs and popular drinks are chai milk and lassi. We value our customers hence always try doing whatever it takes to make them happy. The team of the restaurant always make every effort to offer excellent services and quality Cuisine. All of them are trained and have acquired industry knowledge to offer expert advice on cuisines and drinks. In the end we are very proud to say that Coriander Restaurant is one of best places to eat in Manchester.

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2/14/2019 Best Places to Eat in Manchester- Indian Food in Manchester 3/5 PREVIOUS ARTICLE HTTPS://WWW.CORIANDERRESTAURANTS.CO.UK/BLOG/IT- IS-A-LONG-ESTABLISHED-FACT/ NEXT ARTICLE HTTPS://WWW.CORIANDERRESTAURANTS.CO.UK/BLOG/INDIAN- CUISINE-MANCHESTER/ If you are looking to host an event in Manchester Coriander Restaurant please contact us for booking. We are offering great offers throughout December 2018. Recent Posts Vegetarian Restaurants Manchester manchester/ Indian Cuisine in Manchester Best Places to Eat in Manchester Foods Which Diabetics Should Eat And Avoid. established-fact/ The 10 best new State Fair foods and a few clunkers to avoid are-many-variations-of-passages/ CONTACT Central of Chorlton 485 Barlow Moor Road Centre of Chorlton Manchester M21 8AG Phone: 0161 8810340 / 07508447047 Southern Cemetery

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2/14/2019 Best Places to Eat in Manchester- Indian Food in Manchester 4/5 279 Barlow Moor Road Chorlton Manchester M21 Phone: 0161 8817750 Email OPENING TIMES Sunday: 4 - 10:30pm Monday: 4:30 - 11pm Tuesday: 4:30 - 11pm Wednesday: 4:30 - 11pm Thursday: 4:30 - 11pm Friday: 4 - 11:30pm Saturday: 4 - 11:30pm BOOK TABLE Click Here Take a Reservation Chorlton Central Branch Phone: 0161 8810340 Chorlton Opp Cemetery Phone: 0161 8817750 SOCIAL SHARE

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