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Corey Barnum:

Corey Barnum

Hello My Name is Corey Barnum, :

a nd this is who I am! Hello My Name is Corey Barnum,


Education Andrews High School Graduate Class of ‘08 Tri County Community College Associates in Business administration

Achievements and Accomplishments:

Achievements and Accomplishments Eagle Scout Award May 2008 2 Year Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Work History:

Work History 3 Years Retail Experience Wal-Mart (May 2011- Present) Fred’s ( June 2008- March 2009) 1 Year Management Experience Dept. Manager for Wal-Mart

3 Areas of Learning:

3 Areas of Learning Family Scouting Mission

Family Mission:

Family Mission 2 nd Oldest of 6 Priorities Patience Persistence Self Motivation


Scouting Follow Up If you don’t know ask Eagle Scout Leadership Team Work

…and that is who I am Thank you for your time:

…and that is who I am Thank you for your time

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