Importance of Outsourcing Online Security to a Las Vegas Data Center


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The Importance of Outsourcing Online Security to a Las Vegas Data Center:

The Importance of Outsourcing Online Security to a Las Vegas Data Center

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Recent security breaches at broadcaster PBS and defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. show how pervasive corporate online security breaches have become and underscore the importance of outsourcing your online security to a high quality Las Vegas data center. In the past, hackers generally targeted larger companies that stored classified government information or financial data. However, hackers today are becoming increasingly brazen and expanding their sights to information that can lead to more valuable data down the line. According to Information Week, 73 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses report they have been the victims of cyber-attacks in the past year, and 42 percent have lost confidential or proprietary information. 2 Online Security Breaches

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Effective online security requires continuous monitoring and management as well as security experts who are able to identify and respond to network threats immediately. Outsourcing your online security to a high quality Las Vegas data center will provide your business with a team of experienced security analysts with the ability to assess the severity of a cyber-attack, formulate the proper response and implement the optimal defense – all in under a minute. These analysts will also assist your business and respond to security incidents with forensic analysis tools and expertise as well as work with your business to formulate and fine-tune updates ensuring your business security needs and legal requirements are met around the clock. 3 Effective Online Security

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In-house online network security can be complex, resource-intensive and expensive. Online network security requires complex security solutions as well as the expertise to respond to threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Outsourcing your online network security to a high quality Las Vegas data center provides your business with the 24-hour monitoring and management from dedicated security experts who are educated and trained to manage thousands of networks and handle the most complex cyber-attacks. 4 Outsourcing Online Security

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Outsourcing to a high quality Las Vegas data center will also allow your business to lower costs, save time and increase efficiency. Online security threats are complex and ever changing and a security breach can negatively affect a businesses’ bottom line. However, outsourcing your network security provides your business with complex security solutions as well as constant monitoring and management from certified security experts, which allow you to focus on growing your core business. 5 Outsourcing Online Security

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The bad guys don’t take days off, neither should your online security. Protection of your online data needs to be 24 x 7 x 365, which is why quality Las Vegas data centers offer online security solutions that protect some of the most sensitive and high-profile computer networks in the world. A quality Las Vegas data center’s online security solutions are specifically designed, deployed and managed by a top security team, to enable you to focus on your core business rather than being distracted by ongoing and escalating security threats and evolving compliance requirements. A quality Las Vegas data center offers a full suite of managed security services, all of which can be implemented individually or bundled to meet your specific security needs. All are available on physical or virtual platforms. 6 Quality Managed Security Solutions

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Michael Duckett is President of CoreLink Data Centers, a leading provider of data center hosting and managed services solutions in Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Seattle. For more information about our Las Vegas data center, visit today. 7 About the Author

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