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Games or Robots? Restoring Excitement to Introductory Computing: 

Games or Robots? Restoring Excitement to Introductory Computing Michael D. Dumont Ian C. Tewksbury Jessica D. Bayliss Rajendra K. Raj


Goals Develop an effective way to interest students. Use existing knowledge to teach new concepts Encourage students to want to learn

Reality and Programming Together (RAPT): 

Reality and Programming Together (RAPT) Replacement sequence for Comp. Sci. 1-3 Used video games as an application domain Accelerated Sequence College Freshmen

NOVA Robotics Program: 

NOVA Robotics Program Lego NXT Robotics Platform 8 day workshop series Self Teaching 6th-12th Grade



Hokey Pokey Bot: 

Hokey Pokey Bot

Advantages of RAPT: 

Advantages of RAPT Low Cost Abstract Concepts High degree of creativity

Disadvantages of RAPT: 

Disadvantages of RAPT Faster paced, more challenging Not self paced Works good if the interest is there

Advantages of NOVA: 

Advantages of NOVA Self Paced NXT-G is simple Easy to teach algorithms Tactile

Disadvantages of NOVA: 

Disadvantages of NOVA Cost increases per student Less creative Abstract concepts are more difficult to teach

Future Work: 

Future Work Run more NOVA Programs (Games and Robots) Attempt to bridge the gap Use robots for older students


Acknowledgements Rajendra K. Raj, Ian C. Tewksbury, and Jessica D. Bayliss for working on these projects The students in the RAPT and NOVA programs.

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