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“The wiwichu” : 

“The wiwichu”

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On a wonderful night in December, back there in Habana, a couple from Cuba was watching the ocean, very flattered sitting on the groin, when suddenly he said to her:

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- Baby, let me do you the wiwichu! Are you nuts, hun, what do you think? You know it’s not the right time now!  Oh, c’mon, baby, the moment is perfect! Let me do you the wiwichu!

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NO! I don’t want to! Oh, please... It’s now or never... Let me do you the wiwichu...  Well, honey, OK, but only because I love you so much...

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So the guy grabbed his guitar and started:

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…. Wiwichu a merry crismas, wiwichu a merry crismas, wiwichu a merry crismas, and a japy niu yirrrr !!!

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Am I the first one to wish you Happy Holidays?

Merry Christmas! : 

Merry Christmas!

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