Childhood Development: Things Children Learn from Puzzle Play

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Childhood Development: Things Children Learn from Puzzle Play:

Childhood Development: Things Children Learn from Puzzle Play


You’ve probably heard that puzzles are good for your child’s mind and cognitive development. Not only it is considered as an excellent source of educational value for children of all ages, but it can also accelerate your child’s learning process.


Due to the availability of varied types of puzzles in the market, it has become easier to choose puzzles based on their child’s favourite character. From fictional character Harry Potter puzzles to Justice league puzzles, cartoon characters to music band puzzles, you can find creative jigsaw puzzles from all genres. Moreover, the fact that children love fantasy characters is just enough to encourage them to solve these puzzles.


Enhance Problem Solving Skills: With the help of puzzles, your child can practise the trial and error method of finding solutions. Working with the pieces until figuring out where they fit and where they don’t, introduces your child to the early math skills which they will need in the next phase of their life. The importance of preservation in the face of a challenge can be taught from puzzles as there is no way one can cheat in puzzles. The piece that doesn’t belong to the specific place will not fit there no matter what. In short, the only way to finish puzzle is to fit the puzzle pieces correctly and patiently.


Build Hand-Eye Coordination: The reason why puzzles are considered a good toy for child development is that they use fine motor skills. Which means your child will develop a strong relationship between what their eyes see, what their hands pick and what certain information their brain relates. Therefore, flipping, rotating and manipulating the pieces of a puzzle allow your child to work on their motor skills. These refined motor skills strengthen the connection between eyes and hands by allowing your child to find pieces, pick them up, search for their proper place and fit the same into their actual places.


Strengthen Cognitive and Memory Skills : Developing and strengthening critical cognitive skill is important amongst children. Puzzles enhance child’s memory skills as they try to learn the shape, size and colour to solve puzzles efficiently.


However, before you choose to buy just any puzzle for your child, make sure to go through these tips. Choose the puzzle appropriate to your child’s age. Choose bright, fun puzzles with colourful shapes and pictures to help engage and hold the attention of your children for a long time. Most importantly, find a puzzle that appeals to their interests. For example, like cartoon character puzzles, princess and castle puzzles, so that they not only solve the pieces for the sake of it but also enjoy doing it. Once they are done with an easy puzzle, work with them on a little difficult puzzle, then a little harder one and go on like this. By increasing the difficulty level of the puzzle, not only will their mind have to work a little harder but also you will get some quality time to spend with your children.


All in all, games and puzzles allow channelling your child’s natural curiosity into an excellent leaning opportunity, without them even realising. If you are in search of a good toys collection for your little child like harry potter playing cards , replica movie swords, diecast model cars etc. contact the best company in Australia specialised in providing gifts, toys and collectables.

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