Laboratory quality management training in ASEAN


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#accuracy In analytical chemistry, we are quite familiar with the statistical term “accuracy” but of late, one may have noticed that the term “trueness” has been referred frequently, particularly in the evaluation of measurement uncertainty by the holistic top down approach which looks at the overall performance of the test method. Is there a real difference between the meanings of these two terms? See article


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Laboratory quality management training in ASEAN Many laboratories regard Quality Assurance Quality Assessment and Quality Control as independent activities others use the terms interchangeably e.g. QA/QC. This demonstrates a lack of appreciation of the differences between Assurance Assessment and Control as well as the interrelationships particularly between QA and QC. Depending on this a proper Laboratory quality management training is needed to choose and assess the potential sites that are available there. There are a number of good reasons why professionals from different industries are becoming more inclined towards Professional Certifications. Also this proper Laboratory quality management training helps in staying updated and informed about what’s going on in the industry.

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Having a professional Laboratory quality management training makes a Lab more prominent and a preferable option and can easily stay ahead when it comes to Government rules and regulations. Earning certifications establishes more as a continuous learner. There is no dearth of developments in different industries and stay updated and informed about industry-relevant subjects is extremely important. This Laboratory quality management training in ASEAN are a great way of updating the Lab with industry norms. CONTACT US Correspondence address:- 605A MacPherson Road 03-05 Citimac Industrial Complex Singapore 368240 Ph. No – +65 9679 9313 Email contacts:-

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